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WordPress WooCommerce Webstore – Tips and Tricks

WooCommerce Tips and Tricks

Now the edge of technology. People are so busy and they have not enough time to go shopping store to buy a product. So they depend on the internet. As a result, the e-commerce business is growing rapidly. For making e-commerce stores on the web Magento, Prestashop is popular but WordPress is more popular for its friendly user interface. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that will help you to make an online store for your business.

How to make ‘optional’ phone number field in WooCommerce checkout page

Everybody feels bored with unwanted phone calls. There has also an SMS marketer. They collect mobile numbers and start sending messages with their service description. Someone gets a threat from a phone number. Girls/women’s faced the problem many times. So if you phone number field marks as ‘required’ on the ‘checkout’ page, you may lose a potential customer. If you want to mark optional the phone number field, copy and paste the below code and paste it into theme function file functions.php before the closing tag.

function wc_npr_filter_phone( $address_fields ) {
$address_fields['billing_phone']['required'] = false;
return $address_fields;

How to print WooCommerce orders label or invoice

Do you know what is order label? When a customer will order a product, you’ll see it in WooCommerce → Orders in the WP Admin dashboard. You need to deliver the product to the customer by courier or post office. You need to print a label with customer name, address, product amount, product quantity, total product price, etc. You’ll get that info in the WP Admin dashboard when a customer places an order. Generally, WooCommerce has no feature to print the label. WooCommerce has a premium plugin to do it. But you can use a free plugin to perform the action. Actually, there have many plugins to do it. I recommend using WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note plugin, it’s developed by Tyche Softwares. See the installation guide and other directions from the author. Then you’ll be able to order print orders and attach to product box with gum.

How to receive WooCommerce payment with PayeeZy payment gateway

A payment gateway is a system where a customer can pay product price in your account. PayPal is the most popular payment gateway. But it’s expensive too. They charge a big amount when a customer makes a payment. So many store owners use Payoneer, Payeeze, Stripe, Payza, Xoom, etc. Xoom is the partner of PayPal. BTW, you may use PayeeZy. Their service charge is low and their service is good. For using PayeeZy you can use First Data Payeezy for WooCommerce plugin. You just need to enter the merchant ID to use the payment gateway. At first, install the plugin, activate the payment system from WooCommerce settings. Then enter your merchant ID which you’ll get from your bank.

Merchant ID

How to use USPS in WooCommerce store

USPS means US Postal Service. It’s a post service. A store owner can send his product to the customer by using the USPS. USPS charges different amounts by depending on the shipping zone. Also, they have varieties of shipping methods. First-class mail, Priority-mail, etc. Every shipping method has a different service charge. Suppose your store location in Louisville, you want to send products in California, you may charge for First-class mail $7, Priority-mail $12, etc. The customer will pay the service charge.

WooCommerce has shipping options, but they have no USPS shipping in a free version. When I’m writing the article WooCommerce USPS shipping method plugin price is $79. But you can use a free plugin WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method Plugin. It’s developed by XAdaptar. This plugin has a print label system, but you need to spend $69 for getting both features. A free version is good for using USPS.

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