Women’s Breasts May Can Be Hanging Due To 9 Reason

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Breast hanging is a common problem in our country. Women’s breasts are made up of various fatty tissues and glands that make milk for the child. Those tissues and glands are covered with skin that is naturally flexible. There is also a reason for the presence of a protein called elastin. But if this flexibility puts pressure on the skin then the breast get hangs. Dr. Nima Sharma of India’s Resin Shield Hospital talked about the causes of breast hanging with the Times of India, the ways to prevent it and the various myths of the breast.

1. Breast hangs for smokers

ciggerate breat hanging
Cigarettes also work to help breast hanging of women like various physical harm. According to Dr. Nima Sharma, smoking spoils elastin protein. As a result, the skin loses its flexibility and the breast loses its beauty. Every day, one to ten cigarettes bring aging to the skin and weaken the skin by reducing the supply of oxygen.

2. Suddenly up-down weight

weight_up_down breat hanging
Dr. Nima thinks the breast may be hanging if you weight wakes up suddenly. If you have weight up-down, tension is also on the skin of the breast. To maintain balance weight, we need balanced diet and body exercises so that women’s skin is not getting rough. We need to reduce weight gradually. Suddenly trying to lose more weight does not bring good results. Suddenly, instead of starting a solid diet plan, changing the diet plan slowly, taking nutritionally balanced foods and wear good size bra during the exercises, helps in the breast to keep the good shape.

3. Lack of vitamin C and B

vitamin_c_in_lemon breat hanging
Vitamin C and B are similar to breast tissues. Vitamin C and B are very useful to support the nipple tissues. If every day vitamin C is taking in low amount, then pay attention to it.

4. Wearing unfit bra

unfit_bra breat hanging
If you wear a bra that does not provide enough support on your breasts, both excess crank or extra tight bra is harmful to the nipple. Since your breast size takes different sizes at different times, it is also important to take care of the bra.

5. Hanging the breasts due to genetic problems

If you have a problem with breast hanging in your family, then you may also have it. Your gene plays an important role in your tissue or skin slimming.

6. Hanging due to the nipple shape

hanging_for_big_shape_breast breat hanging
If your breast is bigger then it is more likely to hang. Because the gravity pulls the heavy thing downwards due to the extra weight. For this reason, their breasts are very big, they are more likely to hang their breasts.

7. The time of menopause

mens_period breat hanging
During menstrual menopause, estrogen hormones have been stopped to produce. Estrogen hormone is responsible for maintaining flexibility in the skin. The absence of estrogen hormone during menopause makes the skin loose and folds in the skin. It happens in whole part of the body.

8. Small breasts hanging myths

Your breast with hanging or not, it depends on breast tissue and fat. The probability of having your breasts is very low if you have thick tissues in your breasts. Simply speaking, small breasts also hang.

9. Bra cannot stop hanging your breasts

Bra helps you how you want to see your breast. But the breast which has been hanging cannot prevent the bra.

Moderate and balanced eating and physical exercise can protect the balance of the body as well as the health of various organs. You can save your breasts for a long time by quickly planning and disciplining without any consequences.

Source: Times of India. Share the article.

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