Why Proper Behavior More Important Than Intelligence

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If there is no “head full of talent”, then life can’t be successful – at least it thinks that most people. But your behavior is more important than intellect for success. A recent study from Stanford University found this information. Psychologist Carroll Deck is doing research on the relationship between efficiency and behavior throughout life. His research says that behavior or attitude shows whether you can succeed or not. Carroll Deck has seen, people are usually seen in two types of attitudes-

  1. Fixed mindset
  2. Growth Mindset

That whose fixed mindset is created, they believe that they will be as same as ever, and they can not make changes in their life. It creates problems in some cases. As they face any big adversity in front of them, they become hopeless and unstable. Because their idea is not possible for them to overcome this problem. A growth mindset is easy for people to overcome problems. Because they believe that they can succeed with their efforts. They are more efficient than the fixed mindset people. Although their IQ level is less, they get more success. Because they do not avoid the challenge, but rather think of it as an opportunity for improvement. Many people think that if intelligence is more then it makes people confident. But it also depends on your behavior and attitude. How you handle it in the way of life, depends on it a lot. People in the growth mindset do not think this obstacle to be a barrier but think of the opportunity. If they fail, they don’t become frustrated. Rather, try to move ahead with information about success. Whatever your mentality is, fixed mindsets or growth mindset, there are some issues that will help you build a growth mindset.

1. Do not feel helpless

The time came for everybody when we feel helpless. But this helplessness is not going to sink. Such moments have come in the lives of successful people, but they are successful because they have overcome this disappointment. If they are depressed, today nobody remembers them on the world. The people of the growth mindset do not sink in despair because they know that if they fail to succeed, they will have to go to work again.

2. Keep emotions in your mind

Successful people love their work, they do not move away from the work of fear of failure. Because of their love, they got success in their work. So, if you dislike your current job or work, you should leave it as soon as possible. Hear your mind, your which want to do, do that. You’ll get success.

3. Move forward

Everyone has the fear of failing in life. Growth mindsets are also afraid of as another people. But they do not go back for this fear. There is no alternative to a new step to remove fear and anxiety. So they always continued to move forward. In this way, they converted fear into force.

4. Try a little more

Not in the talent, but rather the growth mindset people believe in labor. That is why they try to do everything by themselves. Not only that, you have to try a little more every day, and you will have to increase a little bit yourself. Adhere to the work. Never hive up. Only then success will come.

5. Keep hope in mind

Before start working if you think you will not be able to do it, then how success will come? People in the growth mindset know that the failure of life will come. It does not mean that success can’t be expected. This confidence is power for them.

6. Stay flexible

There will be obstacles in life, and you will not be able to live safely forever. By remembering it, need to continue the life. So adapt to it, you need to be flexible. Do not break in times of trouble.

7. Do not complain if failure

If someone continues to complain about failure, then he must understand that he is the man of the fixed mindset. The people of the growth mindset look for success in all things, take inspiration from failure. So there is no place for complaint in his life.

8. Take note of small things

If you keep these small things in mind, you will not have any problem to maintain a growth mindset. Life always giving you experience. Every day you are getting a new education from people. Write it in your diary. Sometimes when you will be free, read it. It’ll help you when you will feel distressed.

By- SpoilCoconut Desk. Source: Why is the trend more important than IQ, Business Insider

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