Who Is The Responsible For Your Career Development

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Who is the responsibility of your career development? You have to be, just as I have the responsibilities of my career development.

Like me or you, like me, at the beginning of every year, I think this year will be able to break the whole thing. Last year’s mistakes will not do this again. Be very productive. But most of the time it does not happen.

Remember, at the beginning of this year, you have taken a decision, this year will do a lot of things, maybe even start some work. But many could not hold that speed. 1 January was so speedy, now reduced, maybe less in the future.

There are many reasons for slowing down this speed, there are many reasons that waste our focus. The most problem created this two reason or one bwtween those.

1. There are no specific ideas about the goals
2. Though have ideas, do not write the detailed action plan for them

From this post, you will get the idea of this, and to get it so you have to read the post top to bottom. Most of us do not have good ideas about setting goals. If you set a goal, you can see that a term comes back very quickly, and it is a smart goal.
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What is a smart goal?

When I asked someone what your professional goal, I saw almost 90 percent of people responded very broadly. Like I want to be a great marketer. I want to do a lot of big business stabilized etc.

The problem is, actually this type of goal is not actually achievable. Because there is no measureble here. There is no deadline. How big would you like to be a marketer? This is how you recognize that you are a great marketer. When do you want to be?

The meaning of a smart goal is actually
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achieve able
R = Relevant
T = Timely

That means your goal needs to be specific. Which can be measured. For example, I will create 10 niche sites in this year, and we will generate sell in this account.

It would be practical. Just stepped into the online industry, the capital is 2 million, but the goal is to cross Microsoft in 1 year. This type of goal is like the daily education routine of that childhood. While there was a routine, the daily 18 hours would be studied, but in reality, routine maintenance could not be possible.

And your goal must be with the deadline. The goal cannot be set for the lifetime. Every big goals will be broken into small milestones. Five year goals are to be broken down in the first year, then quarter, monthly, weekly.

Here are some examples of smart goals:

  1. I will make 10 niche sites this year
  2. Serve 50 clients
  3. Generate 10 thousand dollars of sell etc.

If the goal is decided, then it is time to make the action plan.

How to create an action plan?

As the goal is set, with deadlines. Now it is time to create an action plan. Now since I’m clear about my goal and its breakdown, then it will not be very difficult to create an action plan for me.

  1. I need to identify, what kind of resources I have.
  2. How much do I have, how much is not there.
  3. When do you need?
  4. What is my investment capability?

Note: The action plan should be written, it is only in the head but it is difficult to grow before it. Because there are enough things around you, which will ruin your mind. So you need something that will remind you of your goals repeatedly, will help in action plan execution.

Creating the checklist

There will be some work throughout the year that we have to repeat. For example, blog post publishing. I will write for you throughout the whole year. While writing and blog posts, there are so many small things that I have to do every time. Most of the time we did not think about these small things. As a result, our brain has to work more. For example, I have to select a category before my blog post publishing. The URL is set to. Now if I have a checklist ready for these small things, then we may have less chance to make mistakes. Brain will free from unnecessary pressure. And this checklist can be used throughout the year.

I gave down the checklist for publishing my blog post, many of them might be useful.

  • Retain title and content
  • Create feature image
  • Headings are re-checked and modifiable as needed
  • Select a category
  • URL set
  • Tag placement
  • Ensure internal linking
  • Add a ‘Reed More’ button
  • Create Meta Title and DeskrPation
  • To share social channels with small content batch form
  • Add data to open graphs (in particular fields)

Data tracking

We do not save data on most of the time in a Small Business. We do not arrange. I was not an exception, but now I will work for more serious about data tracking. Data tracking does not mean that you will store people personal information.

For example, you might not know how many hours you worked last month. How many projects have failed? How much you spent on your travels last month. How much is your cost of office lunch? Many people know, but many do not know.

We need to have a system that makes these things easy. Many people just created such templates using Excel. You can do so, or have many tools.

You can use Rescuetime to analyze how much time you spend on the type of computer you have on the computer.

You can also try the Hubspot CRM to track sales related data.

To manage organization accounts useWave App and to manage personal expense you can use Pocket Expense.

So let’s set up this year’s smart goal. Then make an action plan ready. Make necessary checklists, which can be used throughout the year. Do data tracking, which will help us to move forward in the next year.

Remember, as small as the Action Plan can break, the execution will be as simple as possible. Your brain can do systematic work well. So it is very important for us to have a structure to do a job.

Our main goal this year is to pay more attention to the creation of a passive income-based system. So get more content on how passive income can be generated effectively this year. With Digital Marketing and Productivity Hacks.

Writer: Nahid Hasan (Digital Marketer)

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