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Which Is More Effective Than Exercise To Reduce Weight!

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At present people are very conscious about health. There is no end to worry about all the issues such as excess weight. all the time Both men and women are worried about the weight. To reduce weight, someone goes to the gym or someone controlling diet. However, while surviving in the competition, then time is a big obstacle. Today’s arrangement for those who do not want to fall behind in this time-competition. Green Tea, Lemonade makes it easy to lose weight. It reduces weight by giving you interesting body structure. What materials are needed to create Green Tea Lemonade:

Take 2 cups of water and take 2-1 green tea bags together. Take 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Take 1 lemon juice and take 1/2 inch cinnamon.

How to make lemon, green-tea, honey and cinnamon pack

First, burn two cups of water to the stove. Put a lemon pea slice and give in it. After 8/10 minutes, put it in cinnamon. Now give the lid. Wait until water comes out. Turn off the oven and give it a green tea bag. Wait 3-5 minutes. When it is cold, give in it lemon juice and two teaspoon honey, mix all. Wow, green tea-lemonade was created. If you like the cold, you can mix with it ice cubes.

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The function that is available in it is the EGCG (antioxidant epigallocatechin gullet) which helps in cutting fat and increases the metabolism rate. A 2007 study showed EGCG fat increases oxidant and acts as an anti-obesity component. Vitamin C is very effective in spraying fat with lemon.

A study in a journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that Vitamin C helps 30 percent more to reduce fat than physical exercise. Besides, lemon is rich in pectin-rich foods which control appetite and stomachs for a long time.

And another important element of weight loss is honey. Honey controls hunger and reduces weight. Cinnamon can not directly reduce weight, but it is work good with another element. However, lemon, honey mixed with cinnamon, creates ideal drinks for weight loss.

You can drink 2-3 glasses of Green Tea Lemonade every day. If you drink it regularly your body weight will decrease quickly. And this will save your hard work and time.

Someone suffering and feeling frustration for the extra weight. Someone can’t lead a good life for it. So don’t forget to share the article with your friends and social profiles.

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