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Which Foods How Many Days We Should Keep In Freeze

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Freeze for keeping food for a long time. You’ve bought food from a store and confirmed it has enough time for eating. But still, have confusion. The reason for concern is frozen foods. What foods are you eating after refrigeration week after week, how much suitable is it for health? It is a matter of concern for those who have been kept their foods in the freezer for a long time. In this regard, Tasmaiah Jannat, a lecturer at the Department of Resource Management and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Domestic Economics, said that it is better not to keep cooked food and milk-eggs more than two days. Besides, if the vegetables are kept refrigerated for a long time, they lose nutrients. If you put in freeze foods or cooked onions with any kind of fruit, it can cause poisoning. For getting the best result follow the Tasmiah Jannat advice. She will tell us which foods how many days we should keep in the freeze.

1. Usually, we keep refrigerating mesh milk for many days. But it is better not to keep meshed milk more than 48 hours. If you want to preserve the milk, keep it in the deep fridge. In this condition, milk will remain good for seven days.

2. Many people keep ginger, onion, garlic into the refrigerator. It’s not always safe to store onion fries. Because onion quickly ripened. Due to which food poisoning can be up to. However, ginger and garlic can be kept refrigerated for one week.

3. Many people buy eggs every week or a month. It should not be too. Eggs can be put up for three days at low temperature.

4. Never keep the fruit juice in the freezer. Because, if you cut the fruit, it quickly gets destroyed. For the same reason, it is better to drink it immediately after making the juice.

5. If you want to keep vegetable into the freeze, you should wash in water and keep it in the sundry. After drying, keep the refrigerator in the net bag. By doing it- vegetables will be good for a long time.

6. It is better to not cooked meals more than 48 hours. Because, after cooking food lose nutrition. However, you can put mashed meat long time in the deep freeze for the emergency. It should not be too late for more than a week.

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