Which Foods Are Responsible For Abortion

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It is a new chapter of life to become a mother for a woman, many women lost the pregnancy. But the joy of the mother will be a nip in the bud if the accident occurs like an abortion. Know about the food items, which if you exclude from your food list, you will be free from the risk of miscarriage!

Let’s know about those foods:

Germinated potatoes

Germinated potatoes are not only for pregnant women but also it is harmful to everyone. When the potatoes are germinated, many toxic elements are appear in it, which is harmful to health. Germinated potatoes contain elements called Solanin which prevent fetal growth.


If the liver is nutritious and tasty, it contains lots of nutrition, it’s very healthy for babies. Which babies over 2 years old, it’s suitable for them. But it can cause of miscarriage if it is a sick animal. Therefore, there should be some awareness during eating liver.

Aloe vera

Most of the people like Aloe vera juice. Aloe vera gel is one of the components of women’s formation. But should not eat aloe vera juice during pregnancy. It is better to refrain from eating all kinds of alcohol or drinks of this time.


The first three months of pregnancy should be avoided to eat pineapple. The material in it may cause abortion. It is better to try not to eat pineapple whole time during pregnancy.


Sesame latex is very tasty, just wow. But at the time of pregnancy, sesame or til foods should be eaten less. It is very harmful to eat specially mixed with sweet honey. It causes of spontaneous abortion.

Raw papaya

Raw papaya is considered to be one of the foods responsible for abortion. Raw papaya contains an element called lacticus which can cause an accident like abortion. But ripe papaya is acceptable.

Coriander leaf

Coriander is a great choice for many. But avoid this meal during pregnancy. Even Coriander juice can reduce the chances of pregnancy.

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