What You Will Learn On Technology In The Year

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Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg have started his studies again. Do you know the matter? The most discussed ‘cryptocurrency‘ at this time. Zuckerberg said about the goal of the new year, he plans to study crypto and decentralization technology this year. He will read the positive and negative issues related to cryptocurrency (virtual money) and encryption (security software). But suddenly why did he start studying?

His goal was to continue advance in the new era with new technology. In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg wrote, ‘Fix important issues’ about technology, media, and government. Apart from this, discuss issues with experts.

Many people like Zuckerberg, want to know and understand the latest developments in the technology world. Technology analysts predict, by 2024, the employment opportunities in the technology sector are expected to increase by 12 percent. It will open more new job doors in front of professionals in the IT sector.
web_development technology
Web development, biomedical engineering, job opportunities in the cybersecurity and analysis sector will increase further. A competition will start to increase the efficiency of technology. Due to the technical skills of employers, employers will hire balanced staff.

The ability to communicate with others in the field of technology, and to present themselves, will lead to advance the potential job seekers. In addition, to the ability to communicate and adapt, there will be an increasing demand for updated technology in this year. Find out more about the skills that can keep you ahead this year, research done by Forbes:
artificial_intelligence_ai technology

AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting very important this year. Experiences will be given top priority in technical aspects such as IO, CTO, Product Head etc. Those who will show expertise in team management, data science, and innovative products, they will go ahead.

AR App Creation

Since last year, many organizations working in creating hardware and software features using augmented reality and machine learning. Those who use new chips and APIs to acquire envision, design, and application skills, they have more demand.

Data Science

The data scientists have become important in the emergence of big data and machine learning. The institutions are spending more than this now.
data_science technology

Mobile App Development

The demand for mobile app manufacturers will be much higher this year. This demand will increase in 2018 than 2017. The successful app developer must know the language of Java, HTML 5, C, C++, C#, Python and Swift programming languages. For the project management, the app makers have to show skill in UX and UI designs.

Cyber Security

There is a need for cyber-security experts in the event of increased network attacks. Gradually awareness of cyber-security is increasing. So the demand for skilled people is also increasing. Experts of the sector will be in the top position in the year 2018.

SaaS in the Cloud

Those who have special skills in cloud computing and software as a service (saas) will be more demanding in 2018. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Virtualization will be efficient, they will be ahead.

Capability to adopt new technologies

To be the best worker in the technology sector, we have the ability to adopt new technologies. It’s difficult to know where technology will go in the next six months. Those who are continuously learning, they survive and do well in the future.

Skill in coding and engineering

Engineering or technical knowledge and coding skills are still needed for the technology sector. They can use their own knowledge to build services and products that they can look after themselves, which will be more of their time.
aml technology

Applied machine learning

One of the skills that will be used this year is the Applied Machine Learning(AML). Currently, the speed of data science is growing rapidly. If they show the ability to use the data, they will have more demand.


If you know languages like JavaScript and Python, then the demand will increase. If the infrastructure engineer or software engineer, even working with digital marketing, should have knowledge of programming. These are not only useful for application creation, as well as to be used in automated streamlines and data crawling.


The demand of machine learning and data analysis will continue to grow and technology will make great changes. Therefore, any expertise in the Analytics will continue this year.

Cross-Team Functionality and Communication

It is important to establish communication between different types of work and achieve easy communication skills with different people. Developers, marketers, designers and many other languages have the potential of skilled technicians.

Digital Transformation

A person who has the ability to add digital platforms that can increase the management capabilities of an organization, as well as increase the revenue, will have more needs.

References: CNBC and Forbes. Please share the post with your FnF and social pofiles.

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