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What You’ll Do If Someone Stroke Suddenly? You Can Save Life, Know!

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The disadvantage that occurs quickly due to disruption of blood supply to the brain is called a stroke. Only 2% of the body’s blood uses in the brain. But brain cells are extremely sensitive – these cells can be damaged if oxygen or carbohydrate is not supplied properly. Those parts of the body may be paralyzed that control the cells.

Chinese professors said about stroke-
Stroke is taking away the premature death of humans. If you see someone has a stroke then you need to adopt the following method to save the patient-

  1. When someone is affected by the stroke, his blood pressure increases, the brain is bleeding and the brain cells are gradually expanded. At this time, a person needs first aid and take rest on an emergency basis.
  2. If you see a stroke affected patient, it can not be removed immediately because bleeding may explode in the brain, it would be better if you have a syringe needle in your home, or if have the sewing needle, you will heat the needle over the flames for a few seconds so that it is sterilized (free from germs).
  3. Then use it to wound small rods or stick to 10 fingers of a patient’s soft toe. Do this, so that bleeding from every finger, no experience or previous knowledge is needed. Just make sure that there is enough bleeding from the fingers. Now during the 10-finger bleeding, wait for a few minutes to see that the patient is recovering slowly.
  4. You can also make more ten stick on the leg toe. So that bleeding from every finger.
  5. If the affected person’s face is distorted then massage his ear. Massage her ear in such a way that her ear becomes red due to massage, and this means that the blood has reached in the ears. Then stick the needle in the soft part of each ear so that two-legged blood drop from the ears. Wait a few minutes to see, the face will not be distorted. Waiting for some time, if the condition of the patient is normal, then get admitted to hospital as soon as possible.

This method of bleeding has been used as part of medical treatment in China. It’s an ancient method. The practical application of this method has proved to be 100% effective.

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