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What Is In Backstage For Good Worker? Efficiency Or Personality

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Personality is a strong thing for a man. Do your success at the office only depend on your talents? Or depends on the study and results of a good organization? Recently a study has been carried out internationally. An international survey of 500 business leaders has seen significantly showed that 78 percent of the business leaders said that the ‘personality’ makes us a qualified worker. The result, talent, education from good institutions, all is a need for success. But the most important is the interesting personality. Often, we think which people have lots of IQ as an interesting personality. That’s a totally wrong idea. It is not always right to say that the worker who owns a very talented and well-known personality is always right. Because he is very talented as a result he could suffer from self-proud. On the other hand, which worker know less, he tried the best and compromise with his colleagues to complete a work. A good worker is an asset to an organization.
ideal_office Personality

Base of personality

Personality refers to our own preferences and tendencies, which depend on our behavior. Introversion or extroversion is an important part of personality. At the very young age, the basic structure of our personality is created. As the age increases, which does not change much.

Many times the Intelligent Quantity or IQ is the wrong concept of personality. But experts say, not IQ, our emotional quotient is formed by personality. Which worker is interesting to his colleagues, that is his personality, not the intelligent quotient. There is also for the right leadership, need to develop a better emotional quotient among the subordinates.

Signs of good personality

These type workers are confident. They never think of what is his duty and which is no need to do. They do not just their own work, but also they do help others without expecting anything. They never want to make trouble, but if they fall in trouble, they do not try to skip. Rather, they try to solve problems calmly with logically. They encourage others. Even if someone cannot explain their problems, they will extend their helping hands.

It is one of the greatest features of them is to control ego. They can easily accept their mistakes. These workers are constantly thinking about how to improve any work or situation. Generally, such workers are called marketable in professional language. They are favorite with their colleagues, also they are count as wealth to any organization.

Most importantly, they can control the toxic people. Whenever they are working with toxic people, they give more importance to the situation and the logic than their feelings. So efficiency, work experience, a degree is certainly necessary for improvement, but none of this will make you more acceptable than others.

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