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Web Development Guide For A Beginner

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Web Development is the popular profession now. There have several posts on the internet on how to become a web developer. All is almost same, but today I’ll write here my own experience. I’ll write here my past 6 years experience how to I started and how to I’ve improved myself. I’m working as Web Developer in CA company, they provide service on the web, graphics, marketing etc. This post may work for a beginner developer. Don’t be hurry up, so keep reading the post. If have any questions, write in the comment box without hesitation, or you can use Contact page. Let’s start…


If you want to learn Web Development you must need to ride for a long way. Frustration, the obstacle will be your close mate. Your mind will say, give up. But I want to say- don’t give-up anyway. Adhere with it until you’ll not learn HTML/CSS and basic JavaScript at least. When you’ll cross the three subject, hopefully, your depression will decrease. In Web Development we normally use PHP/MySQL. For making interface, we use HTML/CSS/JS. So gradually you’ll learn all things, but don’t be frustrate. After completing HTML/CSS you’ll understand what you need to do in the next stage.


When you’ll face any problem, try to fix it myself. Still if you unable to fix the problem ask on Facebook Groups. Suppose your problem is HTML/CSS related. You’ll search on Facebook with ‘web design’ keyword, you’ll see many popular groups, you’ll send join request in all those groups. After approving your request by someone, you’ll be able to post in that group. Then you’ll ask your question about web design and web development. Hope that you’ll get a solution. When you’ll be an expert. Suppose you’ve learned PHP or C language, you may face when you’re making an application. Then it’s tough to get support from Facebook groups, then you can ask your question in Stackoverflow. It’s the largest community online developer and programmer. Theirs have many rules-regulations and many features, you’ll learn of those features.


We’ve been read lots of books when we were in student of school/college. If you want to learn web development you need to study on it. You may need to read books on web design and development. Lot of free eBook/PDF available in internet, if you unable to find out suitable books, please write a comment below- I’ll upload in Google Drive and give you the link. You can learn from video tutorials also. From the video, you’ll know how to work, but from books, you’ll learn how to work deeply, you’ll learn theory which will help you a lot to work as an expert.

W3SChools and YouTube is the best free resource for learning web development. Besides you can buy paid tutorials from Lynda, Udemy, Tuts+ etc. If you telent and intelligent people, you no need to buy anythng to learn. All is avaible free in the internet, even you no need to go to someone. You’ll learn from YouTube/W3SChools, if you face problem ask in Facebook group or any online community.

NB: You can ask question in the post comment, our technical team will answer your question.

See below some popular YouTube Channel link where from you can learn free web development-
1. DevTips by Travis Neilson
2. CodeAcademy
3. CodersGuide
4. TheHelpingDevelop
5. GoogleDevelopers
6. LearnWebCode
7. PHPAcademy
8. WebDevMentors
9. LevelUpTuts
10. TheNewBoston

I recommend to use W3SChools as a beginner. Because here has easy explanation every code/attribute/value. It’ll help you to learn deeply about theory. If you’ve limited internet, you can download W3SChools offline version, then you’ll be able to use it through your local computer.


First step is HTML/CSS. HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. We use it for making webpage or application, it’s the foundation of the web. CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. CSS used for making style. Actually only with HTML/CSS you can make a professional static website. You can give simple animation to CSS. If you spend daily 4 hours to learn web development, you need to spend minimum 3 months to complete HTML/CSS. After learning it you’ll create a simple webpage with HTML/CSS. If possible convert PSD to HTML. Then learn responsive CSS. In the stage, you’ll learn to combine CSS with HTML. You’ll learn how to apply CSS properties as needed.


JS or JavaScript bring the revolution in the web world. At present, it though to find a website which not used JS. With JavaScript, you can make a clock, slider, animations, form handling, web application etc. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg said – “Learn JS, it’ll be a leader for next decades“.

jQuery is the JavaScript library. It’s developed by tech giant Google. You can make animations, slider easily by writing little code. Almost JavaScript libraries made depends on jQuery. There have lot of free tutorials available on jQuery.


PHP means PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. We use PHP for making a dynamic website. It can bear data and connect website with databse. MySQL is a popular databse. PHP works good with MySQL.

PHP syntax comes from C, Pearl, Java etc. A popular social media website Facebook and CMS WordPress created with PHP. It’s have high security. Now every web master think about hacking his website, where PHP giving you strong security.


Framework means lots of code, pre-prepared code. Easy to use, stable and professional. Almost language have framework. See below language with popular framework name-
CSS – Bootstrap, Bulma, Pure CSS, Kube

JavaScript – Angular JS, ReactJS, Vue JS, Ember JS

PHP – Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend


After learning HTML/CSS, JavaScipt and PHP/MySQL you’ll try to make a basic website. Example- make a student list with HTML/CSS, there should have roll number, name, father’s name, mother’s name etc. Link the student list with database in MySQL. Beside the list should have Edit, Add and Delete button. When you’ll click on Edit or Add button a popup will open, you’ll use JavaScript for making the popup. Write code for edit or add student information.

If you successfully can do that, now you’re a fresh web developer. Try to upgrade skills. Try to make advanced application with JS/PHP. You can make a web store product price calculation, quiz application etc.

Work with a team

Work with a team and work at home is totally different. You need to learn manner, co-operation, code exchange, do help and get help- so you need to work with a team. You can admit in a team as an intern student. You’ll learn many things from a team. How do they manage the client, communications, work with a big data you’ll try to learn it.

It’s not the end of your journey, you’ll keep learning, help fresher and share your knowledge with another. Don’t forget to leave your opinion on the post. The comment box is open for you.

Share the post AND Happy coding…

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