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Web design has much demand in online marketplaces. One of the main reasons for dependency on the internet is personal or business purposes. Because, through a website, an organization can establish communication directly with its customers, on the other hand interconnecting with its own branches located in different cities or countries can easily and at low cost. So, at the present time, there is a tendency in creating web applications rather than creating a desktop software.


A complete website is compiled by combining two steps, one of which is how to work the website, it’s related to web programming and the other is its outline or design. Website instructions are usually written in the programming languages of PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, Ruby etc. and for database web developer use MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc. In online programming jobs are available. Those who have been institutionally educated in computer science they are programming the website. But there are many people who didn’t study Computer Science but he made good success as a web programmer.


Learning programming language itself is a time-consuming thing. Starting from learning a programming language, it may take years to be fully proficient. On the other hand, website design is not comparatively time-consuming, it may take up to three to six months for a person. After web programming, website design is the most demandable. There are many organizations for learning website design. However, on the Internet have a lot of free tutorials that are available on this topic, it is possible to learn to design in your own home.


Necessary skills to learn web design

A website can be divided into two part based on how information is laid out – static and dynamic websites. Data on static websites are never changed, whereas a dynamic website information changes based on user needs. Static websites are converted into a dynamic website through programming. Starting from designing a website to making it a dynamic website, there are a few steps to go. A successful website designer will not be limited to design, but also needs to be proficient in other topics such as template creation, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. See these topics-


1. Template creation: A website design is called a website template. The template is usually made with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash software. Currently, Gimp is a popular open source software tool for creating the template. Photoshop software is among the most popular.


A web designer should have a good idea about designing contemporary websites. Most current websites follow a standard called Web 2.0. It is also called second generation web design. Simply put, a Web 2.0 quality website may have some or all of the following features:
– Simple and clean interface to read the website information easily
– The original design will stay in the middle of the browser, whereas the previous websites were moved to the left side of the browser.
– The web page columns will be less
– The upper part of the page is clearly different from the contents of the website
– Easy-to-use navigation
– The logo should be bold
– The text will be large enough to be comfortable to read
– The introduction should be bold
– Bring 3D and Reflection Effects in different areas of the buttons and designs
– Bright color combination
– Gradient or dark to light color combination
– Beautiful and eye-catching icons


2. Converting to HTML: A webpage is composed of text, images, videos, links, which are written in a language called HTML. This is not a programming language, but a document format to display a webpage in the browser. The improved version of HTML is XHTML, which follows the rules of another language called XML. HTML or XHTML will not take more than a week to become proficient. There are many tutorial sites online, but the easiest tutorials can be found on www.w3schools.com.

laptop_on_desk web design

The template of the website created in Photoshop is usually saved in PSD format. In fact, a designer’s work is finished until the template is saved in the PSD file. But it is also important to know HTML if you want to earn additional money as a freelancer. To convert the design to a webpage, you need to coding with HTML. This transformation process may vary by design. Generally, Photoshop has a tool called Slice that can convert the design to HTML. Theirs have many jobs on PSD to HTML to PSD to web design jobs available in the online marketplace.

3. Apply CSS: The CSS is a type of stylesheet that displays the design of a website. We can write CSS in direct HTML file or make another file. We call HTML classes and id’s to the CSS file. Then the HTML document links to those CSS files, and these classes are added to different parts of HTML or tags. How to see the font of a specific part of HTML, what color or color will be left behind in the text, whether there is a border or not, style instructions are given in the classes.

There is a lot of facilities in the HTML document to create style or design in CSS. One of the two significant advantages is that it is very easy to put the same style in different parts of HTML or on different pages. Another advantage is that by changing the CSS file only, it is possible to change the look of a website in a moment. It takes a few hours to get the initial idea of CSS and the hhttp://w3schools.com site is enough. But there is a need for some time to get full control over CSS. Without CSS we can’t imagine about web design.

monitors web design

4. Javascript: The Javascript is a programming language that is called browser-side scripting language. It has huge usage in web design. On the other hand, PHP or ASP is a server-side scripting language. The advantage of JavaScript is that it works fast with the user’s computer resources. Which makes a website friendly for the user. There is a need for good programming knowledge to be proficient in javascript. Clock, a slider which we see in web design, all are created with JS. However, designers can take advantage of JavaScript and make the design more vivid. There are several frameworks or coding libraries available to make JavaScript programming easier. The most popular among these is the jQuery library. It can be easily created with different types of animations, eye-catching effects, useful tools, etc. Get detailed information about it from http://jQuery.com. Many tools made by jQuery are available free of charge online.

Some web design learning sites

Below are a few of the popular sites for designing website with Photoshop –

This is a great tutorial site for learning about the effects of Photoshop. Almost every day new tutorials come to this site. This site offers a variety of tutorials for Photoshop, from the effect of creating a picture effect, to web design. Apart from tutorials, various articles on Photoshop are written on this site. The texts are very standard and can be clearly described with enough pictures. If you are an expert in Photoshop and can easily write in English, you can earn regular income from this site by creating tutorials.

There are also high-quality tutorials available on this site. After every two days, new tutorials come in. Tutorials are mainly written on topics such as photo effects, drawing, text effects, web design etc. As well as tutorials, many graphics, icons, photoshop brushes, textures and images can be downloaded for free. They also published Photoshop expert interview.


They have no its own tutorial, but the various tutorials on spreading on the web are sorted here in the list style. You can find a collection of more than 12,000 Photoshop tutorials on this site. Tutorials are arranged in different sections, so easily find the information needed. Tutorials are arranged along with sections as well as icons.

The PhotoShopStar site is popular for creating eye-catching photo effect tutorials. The tutorial is available on the topic of Photoshop Effect, Graphics Design, Photo Effects, Text Effect, Web Graphics, Web Design etc. The web design section describes how to create a complete website.


In this post, discussed only a few tutorial sites. But there are many more tutorial sites out of which you can easily become a web design expert. Below are links to a few more sites:

As well as online tutorials, besides Photoshop’s standard video tutorials are available in books, CD etc. from which you can learn the basic techniques of Photoshop. However, to be a good website designer, more and more online designs need to see. You can learn web design through the CD. Websites that sell high-quality designs include- http://dreamtemplate.com, http://templatemonster.com, http://templateworld.com etc. Design previews are available on these sites. Try to make your design like professional preview design. If you learn this way you’ll get a concept of current design trend your design will look like professional.

Next tutorial will be on – how to you can earn from your design.

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