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Victim Of Rape What Will Do The First Thing

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After the rape, most women face mental distress, many also temp to suicide. Besides, family members, relatives, and friends keep a distance from the victim. But to avoid the mental distress of a victim, family and close relatives need to be careful. So it is important to be aware of this.

After the rape, there is a variety of activities from a women’s health check-up. Many of us do not know. Because of this rape, many people are deprived of proper justice and medical services, and the whole time of their life pass with the tears.

After the rape, a woman has a need to do various things. About those things saying Victim Support Center DC Farida Yasmin and Assistant Professor of Gynecology Department of Cancer Research Institute Afroza Khanam.

Let’s know what you will do after the rape
stop_rape rape

Health check

The health check is most important after rape. Must have to undergo a medical examination in 72 hours. Otherwise, the rape sign will be lost, because of which you will be deprived of the correct judgment.

Tell with reliable anyone

Inform the news to someone who is reliable. Who will give you courage and help you mentally. Also, tell a trusted man who can be used as a witness like as- relatives, friends, police or even your doctor.


Any work cannot be done which can break the rape signs. Like as- bathe the victim, it is not right in any way. It destroys the physical signs. Cloths cannot be clean. Without taking the medical test she should not do bathe or clean the cloths.

Contact the nearest police station

After the rape, the work that is to be done first is to be told to the nearest police station. The person who has been raped can be the main witness in the case. It must be taken with trustworthy people.

Human rights organization

Women of rape are getting help from human rights organizations. Human rights organizations provide shelter to women victims of rape, legal aid etc. Sometimes they provide financial help and lawyer help, they have own pleader.

Lawyers help

The victim is entitled to all kinds of assistance from the police. Under each District Judge, there is a law enforcement center in every district, where applicants can get help from financial or lawyer help.

Compromise resolved

Necessity can never be made to resolve the rape incident. Because the rapist identifies is- ‘he is a rapist’. His highest punishment is the death penalty. Today if you compromise with him, he will be raping another tomorrow. Generally, we have seen after occurred the rape, the rapist family or their supporter want to give lots of money to the victim or threat them to pull up the case. But the victim should keep dare and continue the case. She should take mental help from someone and behavior should intelligently.

So we should raise voice against rape. We should implement strictly the law. Share the article with your friends-family and social profiles.

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