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These 5 Foods Can Cause Of Death

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Simple foods can cause of death. Anyone can die when eating peanuts? Or, milk that can contain killer germs, do you know? We eat many such foods every day, which can lead us to death. Therefore, it is important to take precautions in some areas.

Do not eat germinated peacod

Germinated peacod contain three harmful bacteria E-coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. In 2011, a group of German researchers found the presence of these three harmful bacteria in the germinated peacod. As the cause of death of 20 people, they identified the e-Coli in germinated peacod. Again, the people of Indonesian believe, germinated peacod can kill men’s sperm. That is why density reduces on the sperm. Although scientific evidence has not been found yet.
almonds cause of death

Raw almonds

We did buy almonds from a shop, it is actually roasted. Do not eat raw almonds from the tree. It can cause toxicity to death. Various methods are used to prepare raw almonds for eating. There is a special type of poisonous Urushiol toxin in almonds. Which can lead to many serious skin problem.? In a special way, the poison is extracted from the raw almonds by steam.

Peanuts are at risk

Peanuts can also cause death! Those who do not have allergies to peanut, they can eat safely. However, eat with chew well. If there have an allergic symptom, there should not eat at all. Among the allergies food, the highest incidence of death from peanut. However, the study says that peanut allergy has only one percent of the total population of the world.
shrimp_crab cause of death

Shrimps or crabs

I can not handle greed because of large shrimp or crabs. However, regular non-eating of shrimps or crabs is good for the body. Not only shrimp-crab but also be kept in mind while eating oyster and fritter. Because, the risk of mercury poisoning remains. Especially, those who have allergic reactions, avoiding such type of shellfish will be wise. Otherwise, the itching will be suffering from eczema. May cause abdominal pain. And there is no word on ‘anaphylactic shock’. Failure to be treated quickly may lead to death.

Do not draught in raw milk

Pasture has been done before coming the market, it is okay. But for your own caution, you should not eat directly the milk packet buying from market without hot in the oven. Even the milk that seems to be fresh from the cow, it should not eat before well-cook. Because milk contains mammal bacteria like salmonella, e-Coli, listeria. Keep in the oven with a high temperature the milk, otherwise, there have a possibility to remain germs.

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