These 3 Habits Is Enough To Make You Fail

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The definition of success may be different for each other, but we all want to get success in our respective fields. Nobody likes to hang in the same place all the time. Because of this, there is a dream to go above by using stairs of success. But even if it hears like sounds bad, it is true that fewer people can make this dream come true. Because of some bad habits of us, success goes away. But our inefficiency is not responsible for this.

According to psychiatrist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, we are happy when we drown in work. But this work should be challenging and inspirational. After doing this work, some of the habits have been stuck on our neck, as a result, we have failed many times.

1. Make the wrong decision when giving importance to the opinions of others

People are a social being. Therefore, it is also common to listen to others opinions. But to be good in the eyes of others, we have made a decision that is absolutely inappropriate. If you want to make happy others after making different decisions about your career, then it will be a failure. For success you should not listen to others, only do which is actually reasonable. Follow your ‘instinct’. What you want to do may not match the wishes of your family, friends or society. You can never reach your goal when you listen to them. This practice can be difficult to break. But for your success, your own decision is more important than others.

2. Like your occupation, but not ‘love’

You feel comfortable in your job or current position, good. But do not let the desire to move forward in front of you easily. The work slowly takes away your creativity. Be sure if this happens, you will not succeed here. In order to be successful, you need a job where you always have to challenge yourself, always have to compete with yourself. If you are in a comfortable profession, ask yourself, do you really love this work?

Attend a place where you can improve yourself. Talk to your manager, take more responsibility, or go to another department where you have more potential. Even if you feel that there is less chance of improvement in this work, it would not be a mistake to leave work.

3. Lack of confidence

A lot of people have a confusion about the dream. The success of the dream can be found in reality, or it will not be a dream – many of them think. But know one thing, if you believe that the dream of success is only a dream, then a hundred percent sure will be said that you will not succeed. We always have the fear of failure in our heads. But to overcome this fear, the idea of success should be brought forward. Passionately believe that you can, really you can do. According to Angela Duckworth- “the mixture of courage, determination and psychic energy is your belief, and it is the key of success.”

Whenever you think that your dream is going out of the way, stop thinking of yourself. Rather, think of an action that will make your achievements even closer.

There is a good news about these three practices. And that is, you can change these habits if you want, all in your control. If you can remove these habits, you can move forward towards success.

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