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There Are Shop, But No Shopkeeper

There Are Shop, But No Shopkeeper
Amazon Go store

When you enter the shop, you’ll find that it’s totally a different type shop. By seeing row by row doors you can mistake it is a subway train station. Without cashier, the name of this shop is- Amazon Go. A year ago, the e-commerce company Amazon showed the concept of the unmanned shop. That is the implementation of that concept in the United States. Amazon Go launched in Seattle, Washington on Monday.

The unmanned shop technology of Amazon

If you want to enter into Amazon Go this store, the company’s app will have to stay on your smartphone. You can find anything here which you find in any super shop. Eighteen hundred square feet of Amazon Go store has lots of shelves. Every shelf filled with varieties things. Especially food items. After purchasing customer goes out of the store. Customer no need to pay directly, even no need to rub the credit card. The money is just cut off automatically. The technology is out of sight.
digital_doors shop
There is no shopping basket or cart at the time of purchase because the checkout process is automatic. The product was taken directly from the shopping bag. When a product comes out of the shelf, the product is added to the virtual shopping cart of the customer’s smartphone app. Again, if you keep the product on the shelf, then delete it from the app. Through the door which the customers entered, will have to go out through the same door. At the time of entering, the Amazon app is scanning the smartphone at the door. When the app scans on the door again, the value of the product is deducted from the credit card associated with the app.
shelf_of_amazon_go shop
The Amazon authorities did not agree to reveal anything about the technology’s system. Only this has been known, machine learning and computer vision technology have been utilized. And there are hundreds of small cameras around the shop. As a result, nothing can be fitted with each product with a separate chip. When looking at the cameras, the computer will know which product is being bought, which buyers are buying it.

Does anyone try to take a product by wrapping with another bag to scam the cameras? American journalist Nick Wingfield tried it after telling Amazon authorities. He could not. Money has been deducted from his account.
wine_store shop
There has no shopkeeper means it’s not that there have no any people, but they do. There are people to maintain and help the customer. There are cooking, who are regularly preparing food. There are cleaning workers. There is no checkout system, there is no cashier. There were more than 35 lacs cashiers in the United States in 2016. If Amazon technology spreads, many of them will be at risk of jobs. But the organization says it is not reducing staff. Just changing their work.

Mehedi Hasan, sources: The New York Times



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