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The weight is right after eating everything

The weight is right after eating everything
The weight is right after eating everything. Source: Unsplash

Many people stay slim even after eating rice and biryani three times a day. And no one can lose weight only by avoiding meat, oil and fat. Why is that? Generally, for those who can’t gain weight even after eating a lot, their bones are a little thinner than others. In addition, the digestion-ability of such persons is much better than others. As a result, whatever is eaten is quickly digested. Fast digestion does not change body composition. First of all, we need to remember that our weight depends mainly on the amount of food, but also on a variety of other factors. I will discuss a few such issues this time.



If most people in a family are obese, then the rest of the family is more likely to be obese. Again, in a family where most people are sick, they are more likely to be sick. This gene or hereditary matter is out of our hands. But it is the most important.


Not everyone has the same amount of hormones in their body. It varies from person to person and age. Depending on the difference in thyroid hormones, androgens, estrogens, progesterone, growth hormones, etc., it often depends on how thin or fat you are. Increasing the amount of thyroid hormone can cause us to lose weight, and vice versa. The important hormone is Leptin. It generates more in the body of some people. Then he can’t eat much, he is satisfied with a little amount of food. Apart from that it creates energy from body fat and reduces fat.

The enzymes we need to digest the food we eat, if the production of this enzyme is disrupted or if there is an obstruction in the way out, the digestion of food will also be less. In that case, the weight will be reduced. If the liver does not work properly even after you eat as much as possible then the weight will be reduced.

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Many people can lose weight by exercising. Again it is also possible to gain weight by exercising. It depends on what is being eaten before and after the exercise, at what time the exercise is being done, what kind of exercise is being done. Those who are obese will be slim if they run in the morning and afternoon. On the other hand, those who are slim or lean can gain weight by doing weight lifting, etc., and by eating more protein foods. In addition to exercise, we unknowingly do various things, such as moving fingers, moving legs, making facial gestures, itching, shaking our heads, and so on. Studies have shown that these activities waste a lot of energy in the body. These habits are more common in some people. They eat a lot but do not gain weight.


For people who do not sleep well at night, it is normal for them to lose weight. Sleep has a direct relationship with our hormones, especially growth hormones and insulin. Anxiety is associated with sleep. You will not get any results even if you eat a lot and exercise unless you sleep properly.


People who are more anxious are more likely to gain weight. Anxiety causes the release of Cortisol hormone from our Adrenal glands. As a result, fat accumulates in the abdomen. And then that person starts getting fat easily.

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Other issues include whether we are taking any medicine, whether there is any infection in the body for a long time, which we do not understand from outside, how long we are eating continuously, how much water we are drinking and so on. One useful thing needs to be said here. People who chew too much food do not get fat easily. This is because chewing slowly releases various hormones from our digestive tract and tells the brain that we have eaten enough. On the other hand, if these hormones are released in a hurry when swallowed, the brain is not satisfied in that short time. As a result, you have to eat a lot of food, which is responsible for obesity.

Author: Israt Jahan, Nutritionist, Dhaka.



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