The Way Japanese Hold Youth Year After Year

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Japanese foods are familiar all over the world. In Japan, 90 or 100 years old crossed man is the same age as a young man with good health. Not only that, for keeping the youth on the skin a Japanese has no limit of proud. What is the secret behind this? It is known that the main cause of Japan is Okinawa diet. The Ryukyu Islands of Japan are famous for the highest life expectancy of the world. Okinawa is the largest among these islands. People from this island follow a special diet from 20 to 21 years of age, which helps them to keep their body good and healthy.

Learn about the special diet plan of Japanese foods, which if you follow you will get a long life without disease.
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Eat never with full stomach

One of the oldest Japanese practices is to stop eating when eighty percent of the stomach is filled. This style is called ‘Hara Hachi Bu‘. Modern studies have shown that when the stomach is fully filled, the brain takes some more time to think, which has been eaten where it can be used. At this time, hunger increased again, and at the same time, we ate more. Generally, after 40 years old, the power of human digestion also decreases, so gradually the problem of obesity increases. So, as a Japanese Hara Hachi Bu custom, when your stomach filled 80%, then you should leave the dining table. In this way, you can keep your body neat and clean year after year.

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Food priority basis on nutrition

Japanese believe in natural and nutritious food. The main theme of Okinawa diet is also nutritious food. That is why this diet is emphasized on green vegetables and marine fish. These nutritious foods contain plenty of anti-oxidants which help burn the fat by increasing the skin’s brightness. The rate of aging of the body is greatly reduced.
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Eat less amount wheat and dairy product food

For many of them, wheat and milk products are made up of pet problems. In many cases, these foods are allergic to many people. That is why Okinawa diet suggested avoiding such foods.
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Eat by understanding food calories

The food list is divided into Okinawa diet as a calorie. This diet is emphasized to eat more than 0.8 calories. Always can be eaten for half a calorie food. But it is not good to overdo the food to eat 3 to nine calories – just like the Japanese.

Finally, you must need to be aware of food. But at present most of the people like fast-food, oily food, spicy food etc. It’s very tasty for our tongue. But if you want to get a healthy life, you must follow food rules. Share the post, if you care.

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