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The Potential Business You Can Start

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A business organized by an entrepreneur. I will write a series on some small business, which can do both men and women. Whose first episode it is. I feel really good to some of you.

Suppose you love one. You can do everything for him. Can leave everything. You can even bet your life. This does not mean that you can do this for all. It’s just for you, whom you love. Many people say I want to do business. I love business, I do not like the job. But he does not know what he really wants to do. There are thousands of businesses. Do you like to do all the business? Can you bet your life on all the business? Will all business match your demand?

At first, fix it what you love actually. Whatever your job, if your goals and plans are correct, your love and hard work for the job will reach you at the top of success. If there is no such thing then do a little research on yourself. See what you like to do or do not like to do.

There is something that someone else works, and you are addicted to it. You think if I could. So plan on it, take the preparation. You can do this – list up to 25 business. Pick five of your favorite from this. Write these five good and bad aspects on a paper. Then see what matches your choices and capacities (mental, physical and financial). Prepare and plan to do that. Always consult with an experienced business consultant.

In this series, I will try to discuss some potential business. You will need specific skills for every business. You need some technical adjustments for each business. If you find that it has already started someone else, then it is good for you that you can compete in the market. So let’s start today’s episode. Today’s episode discussion on Independent Event Planning business.

The first episode

1. Independent Event Planner

Day by day man are getting busy, men and women both have to stay busy in the home and abroad, office work and businesses. But the small events can’t stop. Suppose you can be the sole dependent of children’s birthday, marriage anniversary, sister’s backyard, office party, promotion of new products, and reunion of different types. For this, you have to be a professional. There are licensing and certification arrangements for event planning in advanced countries so that you can become a professional. If there are any such courses in the country then you can take it. If not, then you have to read some books on event planning. Your main job will be planning, designing, coordinating and executing.

Give an example. I decided from New York to do a two-day workshop on a business plan in Dhaka in November. I have seen from Google through your website/social network that you are a professional event planner. I tell you about my needs, my budget is one lakh takas. The workshop will take place from 9 am to 5 pm, 200 people should be arranged, must be air-conditioned, have projectors, whiteboard, free water and refreshment etc. I also said that my invited guests will have to send invitation letters and they will have to attend.

As a professional event planner, you must have a connection with them. You hired the seminar room, arranged for meals, sent the invitation and supervised the two-day seminar. The total cost of all is one lakh takas. Now your fee. You can do it in two ways. One is a fixed rate of total expenditure (usually between 10 percent and 20 percent). If your fee is 15 percent of the total cost, in this case, your fee will be 15 thousand takas. Apart from that, you can also charge fees, but the percentage rate is standard. This is an example. Fee assessment entirely depends on your plan.

Where is your market?

Two large markets for event planners. 1) Corporate, 2) Social / Personal.
Corporate events such as fundraising party, product promotion, seminar, AGM, conference, meeting, office party, appreciation party, celebration party etc.
Social events such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, weddings, home parties etc.

What will you do?

Planning, designing, coordinating and performing your main work as a professional event planner.
-Proposal submits (propose to submit work for some time).
-Description (Research, Design, Plan)
-Select side
-Water and fun arrangements
-Send invitation form
-Manage guest room
-Work monitoring
-Assessment (if needed)
– Other

How much to start

This business is primarily urban-centric. It can be started in any divisional city. Cost depends on where you start the business. The office is not needed at the beginning. You can sit in the house. To prepare yourself (course, training and certification) will cost for business cards, brochures, websites. But it must be done carefully. Before you create a business plan. Start with small. Small events will dare to make big events. Business card, brochure, a website will help you with a content writer. Because these are your sales, marketing and branding products. There is no need to appoint someone at the beginning. You can take anyone based on the event. There are some costs for communication, marketing and promotion. But at the beginning, try to do it themselves.

Professionalism in business

Must have professionality. If it does not have the mentality of honesty, accountability and customer service, then it is better to stay away from a business. Your professionalism will work as a brand for you. There are involved many things. Like how to plan a business. How many stages will complete an event. How to sell and market. Business card, Brochure, what will be the technique to do a website. How to create Event Proposal, How to generate leads, Event management etc. If someone is interested in doing businesses privately then email. I will try to help with advice.

Good luck on your business trip, good luck for everyone. (Will continue…)

AHM Karim: New York, USA Email:

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