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The Potential Business You Can Start – Three

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Business is a good source of economic than a job. Many of you have read the first and second episodes of this series. Where discussions on Independent Event Planner and Gift Services business were discussed. After two articles were published, I received 350+ emails. Many are interested in starting a business. It’s a good news that you want to start something. But the bad news is not to understand what to do. It’s a bad idea that only if you have money you can be a businessman. How much time and work you can give on your attraction, knowledge and experience to what you are trying to do, and how much you are prepared to start the process at all.

Moving Company Business

In today’s episode, we will write about a new business. You can give a direction to how you can build a successful moving company. You might think it’s new business. But the reality is that there is a lot of difference between our country’s leading moving truck company with a modern professional moving company.


Beginning at the business

In the cities, 65 percent of the people live in the rented house. In the case of business, it is above 80 percent. Rent is usually for a certain period. For example, two years, four years or five years. If the tenancy is not renewed then the tenant has to find a new place and move to a new place with the furniture. Replace one place with another is called moving. If someone is moving in our country, he or she is in contact with a truck company or with the help of a familiar pickup van and 2-4 workers. Although there are one or two moving companies, they are not very professional. Many times your expensive furniture is wasted after being in motion. Because you do not have the knowledge and experience of moving the right and professional movements, you may get bad experience the pain due to your expensive furniture as it is likely to cause harm, and they do not re-arrange furniture properly after moving. A Professional Mover can give you the experience of a relaxing moving-on as you plan on time. To build a successful moving company, you need to think deeply about the business and have a real perspective in our country. In the United States, an average of $16 billion dollars a year is trading in companies.

Our country’s perspective is different. People in our country live in their own homes. But the city’s image is different. Especially in large cities, people are in a rented house and need to be transferred from time to time. In addition, the transfer of various offices, business entities and government, private officers and employees is required for transfer. If we think about Dhaka and divisional cities, we see that every day lots of people are moving one to another place. Many government officials, employees are being transferred from one city to another. So to start this business, you need to start city-based.
So before you start the moving company you will know how the moving Company works and how it is managed. If possible, working with a moving company for some time will be a great experience. You will understand what kind of moving companies will make. What type of management will be needed, what equipment and manpower will be needed etc.

Create a plan for your business

While Moving Company is not like a business in other businesses, but the basics of each business are the same. Make a business plan before starting the moving company. In fact, to start moving companies, you need to plan more than other businesses. How will the structure of your company, how to ascertain the possibility, what services/products you’ll offer, where to determine the place, how to plan a marketing, how to manage the manpower and income-expenditure, how to target the actual customer and reach them.

Besides, do you serve only for residential customers or just for business customers, or both? What types of companies need to prepare, what you need to do, your financial planning will be all part of your business plan. My suggestion is that before you start any work, make a complete business plan and get help from a business consultant.

How to manage a moving business?

Moving business is not like any other business. Before starting this we need to know how this business works and how to handle it. I have already said that if you have to make good plans, then it is good to work with a moving company for a few days to gain experience. Here you need a deep knowledge of two things. One is the knowledge of the moving business and the other is the general business knowledge. If you do not understand how moving business is managed then it is difficult for you to succeed. At the beginning of the business you may have to depend on others. Hire transportation from others, hire trained people for the day, moving equipment, etc. When the business will grow gradually, everything will have to be done me.

Moving can be small or big, for each moving different plans need to make. Suppose someone called you or send a message to your website. Your customer service representative gives an estimated price according to the customer’s information. But then it will start your actual work. You need to know more about the customer or go to the customer home to see how you can make a successful moving plan. Which floor customer will move. Whether there is parking system in the building. When they will time. Has there any option to move heavy weight goods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of where you are moving? Which goods must be transferred first. Whether to do any additional work for moving. The amount of extra money the customer will have to pay for it. All this will make your plan. Besides, you should pay attention to how you can improve your service by utilizing daily experience and research. If you have no previous business experience then you can consult with a business consultant about how to set up a business, how to plan a business, how to manage financial management, marketing, customer service, products or services.

Who are your customers?

It is true that the person who moves will be your customer. You need to target customers in the business field. If you wish, you can manage the business by targeting any one of the following customer lists or start targeting all customers. However, according to the customer you may have to take extra preparation. Initially, starting a targeted customer can increase the customer’s range with increasing business. Customers who target you can start a business:
– Residential family.
– Businessmen (importers, exporters, suppliers, wholesale dealers and general dealers).
– Corporate Institution.
– Small business establishments.
– Officials and employees of public and private companies

What is your product/service?

Modern Moving Companies do not only help the transfer of their customers but also co-operate with all types of moving. The products/services you can add to your moving company:
– Moving Equipment (Moving Box, Blanket, Tape, Moving Plastic, Scissors, Blades, Hand Cart, Packaging Supply, etc.).
– Moving goods and equipment (Moving truck, van, cart, office supply etc.)
– Local and long distance transfers
– Moving heavy and big machinery
– Adding these products/services to your moving business will not only benefit the customers, but it may be that the excess earnings for your business So you can add any products/services related to your business.

What costs can be?

You have some permanent costs for setting up the Moving Company. Apart from this, there will be a separate cost for each moving. The biggest expense for Moving Company is to purchase a Moving Transport (truck/lorry). If you can not buy at the beginning, then you can rent the transport to understand the type of each moving. Besides, you need some equipment and material to protect the moving goods. Such as Moving Blanket, Moving Box, Moving Plastic, Blades / Scissors, Tape, Hand Cart, Push Cart etc. There will also be some costs for setting up companies such as company formation, licensing, approval, an appointment of consultants etc. You no need to take office at the beginning, you can start from home if you want. Get started with the office or start home, my suggestion is to keep your online presence online. You can easily reach the customer through the company’s website and social media. They should be made as customer friendly and modern so that customers can easily get quotes and all the necessary information.

Find suppliers

You might not be able to get much capital at the beginning. For this, you should be looking for suppliers for your work. Buying a moving truck at the outset is very expensive for you. So you can contract with a truck owner. Keep an eye on market prices and conditions while contracting with suppliers. Moving companies truck drivers are trained in the advanced world. Keep in mind that in each moving there is a trained or moving person. Rent a truck or hire a moving equipment, be aware that it is in your budget. Otherwise, you may have to count losses. When you bid for customers moving, you should determine the market value of everything.

How to appoint the manpower?

Moving is a very risky job. Try to employ experienced and physically strong people for this job. You must have your own training system and protection material for people participating in Moving. The number one priority will be for security for moving employees. Try to do your own work in the office at the beginning, appoint an office assistant when the company gets bigger. If you start a partnership business, share both jobs.

At the end

There are many popular moving companies in the country. But you have to come out of the present and create something that is a brand in this business, on which there will be people’s confidence and belief, which people will recognize in a single name. Customer Service will have to give priority to number one, which will help you to stay competitive in the competitive market and to have successful branding. Always try to provide additional or additional services to customers. It will work as direct marketing for you. Improve your businesses, improve your family, improve the country. Best wishes for your business.

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