The Biggest Brothel Of Bangladesh-What Happens Inside

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Brothel is the worst place in the world to civil society. NB: This post may contain adult photos, so be careful. Prostitution is legal in a few Muslim countries in the world. Among them, Bangladesh is one. The Kandapara brothel located in Tangail district is the oldest and largest brothel in Bangladesh. The brothel was founded about 200 years old. It was broken in the year 2014. But later the local NGO restored and rebuilt.
Asma_14 brothel prostitute
In Bangladesh 20 brothel are certified by Govt. Someone go there drink Alcohol, or someone goes there drink tea with a prostitute. But main activities of the brothel is illegal sex.
Kajol_17 brothel prostitute
In the Kandapara brothel have more 800 sex workers. Someone came from outside, someone born into the brothel and started work as a sex worker. They have no proper knowledge outside of the brothel. Most of all sex worker is illiterate. There has no scope of education. We can say that they are living in the ‘dark world‘.
Meem_19 brothel prostitute

A prostitute lifestyle in brothel

The prostitutes think it is also a profession like as another profession. They born in the brothel and grew up here. They don’t know what they will do if they leave the profession. After breaking the brothel in the year 2014, they turmoil for their rights. Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association announced it’s eviction and they submit a case in the High Court. The Court went on behalf of them. As a result, prostitutes get back their home quickly.
Papia_18 brothel prostitute
At present Kandapara brothel walled up around and into have many lanes. There have many food shops, tea stall, hawker etc. Their outside rules will not work. There have no rules for succession. Their rules are totally different from the mainstream society. Example- women are helpless and weak. But they are strong at the same time.
Pakhi_15 prostitute

A girls life in brothel

13/14 years old is the worst time for sex workers. She called as ‘Bonded Girl’. Generally, they come from a poor family. Sometimes they come here by a victim of kidnapping. Therefore, they have no independence, they have no rights. They have to work under a madam or senior-prostitute.
Priya_19 prostitute
This ‘madam’ buy theirs from someone. As a result, the rights of the girl goes under the ‘madam’ hand. The girl can not go out. From selling her body, how many she earn the ‘madam’ take away from the girl. The girl has to work under the ‘madam’ until then she can pay the full money, how ‘madam’ paid when she bought. After paying all money the girl can free.
Quarrleing_with_customer brothel prostitute
Generally, it takes 5/7 years to pay all money. In the meantime, the girl turned into a professional prostitute. When they become free from the ‘madam’, they can manage their own customer. They can take or reject any customer as their wish. Now they can keep their money, which they earn. A girl can leave the brothel when she can pay the ‘madam’ debt.
Roni prostitute
But when a girl leaves brothel, we see her as a ‘spoiled girl’. We can’t take her easily in our civil society. So the girl makes her permanent address in here and starts to support her family. In this way, it is circling.
Student_In_Brothel prostitute
Sometimes they need to pay fixed money in the nearest police station in every week or month. The politician or bully people claim money to them. They are helpless, weak. They can not protest against it.
Unknown_Twins brothel prostitute
Therefore, AIDS is spreading from here. Because they have no proper knowledge of safe sex method. Most of the time they didn’t use a condom. As a result, AIDS germs spreading rapidly.
Used_condoms prostitute

Customer of the brothel

The main customer of the brothel is labor worker. In example- rickshaw puller, daily laborer, van driver etc. But we’ve seen in many newspaper and electronic media that many politicians go there. Also, we have seen that many administrative people like as- police go there. It’s bad that young student goes there without any restriction.
Bonna_27 brothel prostitute
The Terrible thing is the sex worker eat Oradexon without a doctor prescription. It’s used for a domestic animal. They eat it for making them look something fatty and attractive. But if a man eats it, it creates the problem in stomach. It’s harmful to human body. But it’s available in the brothel home. In conclusion, the Govt. should take care of them. We should consider them as ‘women’. They have rights to live in society, we should make the way so that they can live in our society. We should spread education to them. They have right to live as a human.
Dipa_26 prostitute In conclusion, the Govt. should take care of them. We should consider them as ‘women’. They have rights to live in society, we should make the way so that they can live in our society. We should spread education to them. They have right to live as a human.

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