The Best 6 Foods To Keep The Eye Better

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The eye is the important part of our body. Almost everyone we know, vision strength decreases with age. But have you noticed, even after old age someone doesn’t wear glass? Researchers say that there is a great effect on eating habits. Regular use of certain foods helps to keep eyesight and helps reduce eye damage along with age. But these foods are not expensive at all. Very easy and cheap!

Let’s know about the six best foods.
vegetables eye

1. Carrots

Although it is primarily winter vegetables, it is almost all year round. It is good for eyes because all orange vegetables and fruits get their color from Bitakerotine. It absorbs the flow of light through the eyes and increases the power to watch even in low light at night. Try to eat a carrot even though every day. Or sweet, sweet potato with carrots can be cooked with a little olive oil. Because olive oil easily breaks the heavy cell walls of vegetables and helps the body easily receive nutrients from them.

2. Spinach

Other green vegetables, such as broccoli, are also filled with zeaxanthin and lutein. The luteine material is pigmented in eyes, which protects eyes from harmful blue rays, which is responsible for moving eyes towards blindness. Boil with only 100 grams of spinach salad or a little salt every day. For a long time, eyes will look better than expected.

3. Orange

There is no end to the benefits of vitamin C. It has been found in the study that women who consumed one orange each day for a period of 10 years have reduced their blindness by 64%. Keep a list of orange foods every day and if there is a tomato, then it is full of sixteen!

4. Oily fish

Tuna, salmon, rui etc. are filled with fatty acids, which are very important around the retina of the eye. According to the study of American National Eye Institute, acid for adults it is very important! This fish can be kept on the food list twice a week!
beef eye

5. Beef

Although it is strange, the beef is very important in the eyes of the zinc! Because zinc contains vitamin A helps to emanate from the liver. Moreover, the possibility of blindness increases due to lack of zinc. A small amount of beef 2 times a week will keep your eyes good.

6. Amand

Vitamin E in it prevents the loss of persistent eyesight. Not many, it is enough to eat a day!

Add some food to your diet and keep your eyes healthy for a long time. be healthy. Share the article with your friends and family.

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