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The 6 Parts Of The Body Reveal Your Hidden Age

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Nobody wants to become old. Everybody wants to keep their young age. But some parts of our body express our old. Let know about those parts and how to we can keep young these part.

1. Hand

The hands and hands-skin are always open. All kinds of work hands are used. That is why most of the storms flows are on hand. Especially in the sun, there is more damage to the hand. So enough care is not taken of the hand like as the face. But in order to reduce the sign of old age, it is necessary to use sunscreen lotion in the hand like as the face. Not only this, the moisturizing cream should be used to maintain normal moisture in the skin, especially during the night. If you are in the age of 20, the old-age sign may be seen in your hand. Therefore, start taking care of yourself before this incident happens.
old_woman age

2. Face

As much the storm hits through the hands, it may not be so much on the face. But no matter how much care is done for the face skin, after a while the old age sign will appear on the skin. Especially the skin of the stain and the small spots are seen on many skins. What can be done in this case? You can keep a cream or face skin that shines skin, in your everyday use SkinCare products. Besides, good food for your skin will also benefit you. The strange thing is, the more thin body you have, there have more chance to crank your skin.

3. Eyelashes

With the increase of age, the eyelids continue to grow and the muscles of the eyelids continue to weaken. From this, on the top and bottom of the eyelids, undesirable fat may start growing. Without surgery, it is tough to remove. But there are some things that can be done to prevent fat storing under eyelids. Drink plenty of water, sleep well and eat less amount of salt.

4. Neck

Neck skin is thinner than the face skin. For this reason, many times it is seen that the neck skin is folded before the face skin. This fold is very intriguing to see. Care should be taken for the neck skin before it gets worse. The kind of a cream used in the face, same care should be taken for the neck as well. If the skin of the neck is bad, then you can use a beautiful scarf.
old_man age

5. Elbow

Many people do not care about this, but with age increasing, the skin around the elbow is folded and crank. A good moisturizer can be used to prevent it. Or you can practice wearing long sleeve dresses. It is responsible for sunburn, stress, smoking, drink low water, and decrease in gonorrhea and oil glands with age.

6. Hair

Does the hair become white only with age? No Rather, the hair becomes thinner, also changes hair structure. Hair became dry and fragile. Hair oil can be used to avoid this situation. Apart from this, different protein treatments also work well.

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