How To You Will Take Preparation For The First Job

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A job is the most wanted things for an educated young. Nowadays employers are seeking an experienced candidate. But maybe you have graduated, preparing for the first time in life. If you do not have much experience, sometimes sending a CV may seem to insignificant to you. You may sit down frustration. But there is nothing to be disappointed. That assurance the founder of Finger Paint, a US-based marketing company founder Ad Metzen.Ad Mitzen employed thousands of people, they told Business Insider how to take preparation for the first job.

1. Take time, do not get frightened

Many people become frustrated after passing graduate. There is nothing to be frustrated or impatient. Rather believe it. Stay tuned. Try it. It may take some time, it is normal.

2. Being rejected is also a part of the process

Give the CV, give an interview, will be rejected from a few places – this is ‘Part of the Game’. Applying a job like many other things is also a matter of practice. By repeatedly appealing you will know your weaknesses and strengths. Get the chance to correct the mistakes.

3. Not the work, the work area should be the goal

If you want to work in an organization, maybe someone will not give you that work at the beginning which you wish to do. At first take decision, in which area you want to build a career. You can start-up from a small post, it does not have to be frustrating. At first enter into the door, then you’ll be able to make the stairs. You will be introduced to people when you start work, you will have the opportunity to show your skills. Do not lose this opportunity.

4. Money should not be your focus

You have to take care of the family, repay the debt … These pressures can give you pain. But do not just aim at earning at the beginning. Employers will check your ability, you also have to know about your own ability. First, pay attention to reach your experience.

5. ‘Research’

Do not start sending CV after graduation. Research on current market and your goal. Read, Learn. Learn about the organization where you want to work. An employer can ask about the organization. It’s appearing a foolish act – going to interview board without knowing well about an institution.

6. Do not want to know about salaries, holidays and opportunities very quickly

It should not ask about salary, holidays, amenities etc, at the beginning of the first job. First of all, be sure that the employer is interested in you. If you are selected, then ask questions about it.

7. Be hopeful and confident

Employers look confident in the candidate’s eyes. Your face should be normal and fresh – no tired, frustrated or you are running only for a job. Make sure to ‘Handshake’ with confidence. Do not be inattentive. Express your strength in your body language. It should look like you are enjoying the time.

8. You have no experience, take it easy

Whoever will interview you, once he was inexperienced. You have no work experience, it is not your ‘fault’. So, take it easy. Do not think about how much other candidates are experienced. Imagine how you can contribute? Write your small qualifications in CV. Maybe you can show magic or you can draw pictures. Maybe it’s not related to work yet, write your capability.

9. Do not wait for recommendations

The first job should not be recommended by anybody. Try to catch with your own ability. It’ll increase your confidence. Some of your family or relatives may have been in the top position in any organization. It is better to do not use the ‘opportunity’. Maybe another candidate is more qualified than you, but with the recommendation you got the job. This is a lot like cheating.

10. Express interest

Those who are interested in doing the job, who have ‘Passion’; Employers like them. Explain your interest in the job area of the job you are applying for.

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