Stay healthy even with kidney disease

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Today is World Kidney Day. World Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of March every year to create awareness about kidney disease. The theme of this year’s Kidney Day is ‘Stay Healthy with Kidney Disease’.

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It starts with a problem like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, watery feet, decreased amount of urine or uncontrolled blood pressure. Or feeling weak, suffering from a ‘mild’ problem like showing yourself faded. But after the examination, it is known that there is a problem with the kidney. The problem with kidney disease is here. The symptoms are not so obvious and are difficult to identify without routine checkups.

Kidney problems should be feared. The kidney is one of the most important organs in human beings. Kidney disease does not mean that everything in life is over. It’s not like that Dialysis will be needed only if there is a kidney problem or once Dialysis is required, everyone has to undergo Dialysis for life

If you know some important information about kidney disease, you can try to prevent kidney disease. And those who are already suffering from kidney complications will be able to know the way to live well with this disease.

Type of kidney disease

There are basically two types of kidney disease. One is sudden kidney problems, the other is long-term kidney problems. Sudden kidney problems are completely cured in most cases, only 5 to 10 percent of patients can suffer from long-term kidney disease later. However, if for some reason long-term kidney problems can not be completely cured. But it is possible to stay well by controlling the disease, to live well, to be active like other people.

avoid foods for kidney patient
Avoid some foods for kidney patient. Source: Internet

All of this will be possible by reducing the rate at which the disease progresses. This requires being aware and alert about several things.

Not all kidney patients need dialysis or kidney transplantation. However, a patient with long-term kidney problems, when his or her kidney capacity is at a minimum or last stage, should be assumed to have dialysis or a kidney transplant for life.

Those who may have kidney disease

Kidney disease can be caused by uncontrolled and chronic diabetes or high blood pressure, inflammation of the kidneys (which causes meat to be excreted with the urine), or any problem that obstructs the flow of urine. The disease also occurs due to some congenital problems. A healthy person who does not already have kidney problems may have kidney damage if he suddenly vomits heavily or has a thin stool if he does not replace the water and salt that comes out with the vomit or stool. People who take painkillers often also have kidney problems. Excessive intake of non-vegetarian food can also damage the kidneys.

kidney disease

Kidney patient lifestyle

There are a lot of kidney patients around us. Many people are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, especially kidney problems. Living consciously from the beginning can prevent this kidney problem from getting to a more complicated stage. We can lead a healthy life with kidney disease.

Kidney patients need to be very careful when eating. For long-term kidney problems, water, salt, and in some cases non-vegetarian foods are prescribed daily. The amount of meat to be determined is how much animal meat, how much vegetable meat should be. In some cases, some fruits with high potassium are recommended to be eaten in small quantities and if one has a tendency to increase uric acid, it is forbidden to eat red meat, liver, brain (animal grey cell), marine fish, etc. Follow the diet that is prescribed for you according to the type of your kidney problem. Not all foods are banned.

Exercise regularly

There is no substitute for regular exercise. Even if you can’t do other exercises, you must walk every day. Keep the weight under control. Check regular blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To keep the kidneys healthy, blood pressure and blood sugar must be well controlled. Smoking and alcohol must be avoided. Never take pain medication or antibiotics without consulting a doctor. Keep in touch with a specialist doctor for regular kidney tests.

Stay healthy, resist

We want a healthy lifestyle to prevent kidney disease. A balanced diet is important. Do not take more or less of any nutrient. An adult person should take 1 gram of protein for per kg body weight (a little more during pregnancy).

daily home workout for kidney disease

Regular physical activity is required. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you must control it. Another thing is that after the age of 40, the performance of the kidneys naturally decreases day by day. Take pain medication as little as possible.

In case of sudden vomiting or thin stools, quickly fill the dehydration by taking saline. Otherwise, there is a risk of kidney failure. If you cannot eat saline, you may need to be hospitalized and take intravenous saline.

Get a preliminary test (serum creatinine, routine microscopic examination of urine and blood sugar) every year to understand the condition of the kidneys, even if there are no physical problems after forty. Measure blood pressure regularly. Alcohol and smoking are forbidden for everyone.

Author: Dr. Nazrul Islam, Professor and Head of Department, Department of Nephrology, Dhaka Medical College and Hospital.

Transcription: Dr. Rafia Alam

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