Some Unwritten ‘Common sense’

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There has a proverb- ‘common sense is not so common’. Common sense or normal intelligence is very important for us. In the Harvard Business Review, a post published in 2000, the common sense has been called as a personality-related capability. We often fall into adversity with another person’s savvy or common sense. The level of sense of humor is different for every person. Workplace, family or personal life, in all cases how much positive personality you possess, it is can identify with your common sense. Some unwritten social commonsense has been published in BuzzFeed.

* Never eat with sounds. Your eating sounds may be bothering for others. Make a habit of eating slowly and without sounds.

* When someone else speaks, do not stop him from ending his speech. Talk to someone else after finishing it. Try to talk with keep eyes on the other person eyes.

* Restaurant waiter, liftman or a salesman or car driver in the shopping mall, who are serving you talk with them elegant behavior.

* Do not drop anywhere or any place where you eat chewing gum. Tie with the paper or tissue and then drop in the dustbins.

* Never tie your bike lock with another bike in the bike parking.

* Do not stand beside the escalator stairs in the shopping mall as well. Stand left side in the escalator stair and keep the place on the right side, so that if someone wants he can go away.

* In the public place do not listen to music with a loudspeaker or talk loudly.

* Say ‘thank you’ if you got any co-operation. Practice to say thanks and sorry.

* Ask his/her parents or guardian for permission to affections for young children. If you want to touch the child, you can get rid of the sterilization.

* Every man has a personality line, respect for him.

* Practice to keep open holding doors for others or dragging chairs.

* Do not force someone to eat more food on the dining table.

* Never violate any type of line in the bank or in any other way. Give opportunity the person who came before you to serve him.

* Do not touch someone personal laptop or computer, mobile phone when you visit a home. Do not peep into another’s bedroom even when you are traveling. Never read another’s personal diary.

* Do not be embarrassed by asking questions like salary, age, married or not. Don’t ask salary-amount to boy and age of a girl.

* If you need to use a bathroom for a visit to another’s house, keep an eye on the cleaning.

* If a guest comes to you in the office do not talk or laugh loudly. Always avoid rivalry behave.

Source: BuzzFeed. Share the article on your social profiles.

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