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Some Important Foods For Insomnia Disease

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Many people think sleep means time wasting. Somebody it is too important! But science says that there is no alternative of sleep to keeping the body free of disease and having a healthy. Here I’m wiring on some foods for the insomnia disease.

That’s why doctors recommend minimum 7-8 hours sleeping daily. Well, what could be the result of sleeping in less than 7 hours? Multiple studies have shown that- all day long we do lots of works and brain spend to it when we sleep our brain collect energy again. With that, the body is ready to fight for the next day due to adequate comfort. The overall performance of the body also increases. Now if someone is not sleeping properly, then it is dangerous! In that case, the power of the brain is reduced, as well as the body’s immune system becomes so weak that small and big diseases begin to bind home in our body.
insomnia_patient foods for insomnia
In fact, there is an easy way to understand whether you are sleeping properly according to the needs of your body. What is that way? If you see that you are affecting with colds and coughs again and again, then you will not sleep properly. Because as discussed earlier, our immune system creates cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies during sleeping. As a result, coughs-colds will not able to attack easily.

So whenever the disease-resistant system starts to weaken, diseases such as colds and coughs become headstrong. This is not the end, there have many problems if you do not sleep properly. For example – Problems to become a mother, increased blood pressure, increase weight and decreasing skin beauty.

Now the question is, what to do if you notice that these symptoms are being started to show? In order to save the body and brain, these foods have to start eating. Then you will see that there will be no interruption in sleep. Because many studies have found that these foods contain some components that help to sleep easily. The food that plays a special role in this is-

1. Banana

Potassium and Vitamin B6 present in this fruit, it helps to get rid of muscle fatigue, help to increase Melatonin hormone and also plays an important role in treating diseases such as insomnia. So if you see that sleep is not going well, do not forget to eat one or two bananas before going to bed.

2. Cherry

Due to various reasons mental stress that you can’t sleep even? Make a glass of instant juice and drink it with Cherry, it will not take time to come sleep. Actually, many useful ingredients in this fruit increase the level of Melatonin after entering the body. As a result, normally sleeping does not take time to come.

3. Grains

Multiple studies have shown that eating grains or serial type food increase the levels of Typhoidophane. As the amount of this material increases in the body, so much of the insomnia is removed. So this natural ingredient plays an important role in treating diseases such as insomnia.

4. Nuts

If you start eating this magnesium enriched natural ingredient, you will not have to stay awake during the night. Because along with it, the protein present in the nuts, removes muscular fatigue and sleeps properly as well.

5. Sweet potato

There is no substitute for these vegetables to keep away many diseases. Now the doctors are saying to use the sweet potato to remove insomnia. And why not say! Potassium and other useful ingredients present in it bring changes in the brain and the body that do not take time to sleep.

6. Hot milk

If you have been left with sleep, start eating a glass of hot milk before going to bed today. You’ll see, there will be no problem coming to sleep. In fact, calcium present in milk plays a special role in this case.

7. Honey

The natural carbohydrate present in it reduces the performance of a chemical called axin in the brain. This does not take time to sleep. In fact, this chemical helps in keeping an alert on the brain. For this reason, if there is an increase in the production of aerosol, then there is a problem sleeping normally.

Hope that the information will help you. Share the post with your friends and family.

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