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Some Foods To Reduce Kidney Stones

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Kidney stone. This disease is not new or rare. Almost we heard about the disease. Abdominal pain, urinary problems etc. are the symptoms of kidney stone. Seeing some of the health-related journals, there have some foods to reduce the risk of this disease. Take a look at what foods and how to eat.

Know about some food to stay safe from kidney stone

1. Water: Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Another name of water is ‘life’. Generally, a man can live 21 days without food, but a man can not live more than 7 days without water. So it’s the part and parcel of our life.
2. Salt: Use little salt in your food. Sodium type foods increase the quantity of calcium in the urine. As a result, stone starts to gather in the kidney. Also, excess use of salt makes our blood watery. So be careful to use of salt.
milk kidney stone
3. Milk: Do you drink milk every day? Now reduce the amount of milk consumption. Excess calcium increases the risk of kidney stones. It contains lots of sodium. Also, milk increases the constipation problem.
4. Strawberry: Strawberry, tea, nuts, etc. contain oxalic acid. Therefore, this oxalic acid increases the risk of kidney stones. So eat it, but in little amount.
5. Vitamin C Foods: When Vitamin C entered into the body it produces oxalic acid. To reduce the consumption of Vitamin C foods such as oranges, lemons etc.
6. Sweet: Those who are suffering from this disease or who are likely to be infected with this disease, they must reduce to sweet eating.
7. Meat, egg, fish: fish flesh, eggs are containing Purine. After going to the body, this Purine becomes uric acid. So, be careful when eating those foods.
8. Rice and wheat: rice and wheat foods are right for you. This diet helps to reduce the amount of calcium in the urine. Wheat is very nutritious.
9. Chocolate: There is both milk and sugar in chocolate, ice cream etc. And so stay away from these foods.

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