Some Causes Of Increase Body Weight

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Body weight increasing rapidly? You are eating too low amount for controlling body weight. But still, the weight continues to increase. Diet or exercise – nothing is working. You are not finding what is the reason behind it! That problem has all in our life. In the busy city-life, we have no time to think about it. Here are some strange reasons to know, that your weight is increasing.

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Poor digestion

After doing diet and exercise weight is increasing, can be the cause of poor digestion. If digestion is weak, there is a problem of food digestion and slow digestion or most of the food is not digested. If the food is digested slowly and digested not well then the whole food is stored as fat in the body. So, the doctor advised increasing digestion.


Even if we run to the doctor for body disease, we do not care about the disease of the mind at all. But ‘mental problems such as depression may be due to physical problems. It is very quick to increase human weight. If you are depressed, many people eat unhealthy foods a lot. It is also very difficult to keep track of how much food is being eaten during in the bad times. For those who also take medicines for depression, weight increase is normal for them. Because the anti-depression pill increases weight. So end the depression of the life with your own initiative. Weight will not increase.

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Lack of nutrients in the body

Despite the lack of nutrients in the body, people started to be fat. The lack of Vitamin D, magnesium, iron, etc. are the cause of less nutrition. In this case, people can not do physical work and it gets stunned. Foos is used by physical labor. Due to the lack of nutrients in the body, they could be stored as a fat in the body due to lack of physical work.

Eat the wrong medication

Many people ate the medicine for a little pain or fever without consulting the doctor. It’s a big mistake. It has big harm to our body. Especially the body weight increases very quickly. Many people buy any birth control pill from the market without consulting the doctor. This leads to weight increase. Many people also use the pill, eat pain medicines, all of which are harmful to the body and increase weight. So consult with an experienced doctor before buying any medicine.

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Take a look at above things to stop your body weight. If it does not work, consult a doctor. Share the article with your friends.

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