Snowden Has Brought An App To Avoid Spying

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Former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent Edward Snowden came to the discussion by publishing US National Security Agency (NSA) secret information, which was harmful another countries. He is a real hero. He saved human rights, many countries are grateful to him. There have been released a movie with the name of Snowden. IMDB rating is 7.3 and 61% is RottenTomatoes rating. The movie created based on his life.

Haven Android app created by Adward Snowden

This computer engineer did not calm to reveal NSA data, which is forbidden the NSA rules, but also he brings a technology, with the technology people will be able to make obstacle against steal personal information.

A new app created by him will prevent concealed information from an Android-powered smartphone. This app called ‘Haven‘ will be able to turn any Android-powered smartphone into a spying identification device. On Friday, Snowden brought the app first publicly.

The Haven app has been built keeping in mind that those who are not compromised with their own privacy, protect their personal space and property security. The difference between the Haven app with the general observer camera is that- instead of using only the camera and microphone, this app uses all the possible sensors of a smartphone. Haven saves information from the full sensor and sends the user to another smartphone. That means the app will keep all information where the smartphone has and installed on that smartphone.

Haven’s creator Snowden said that the Haven app was designed to protect against investigative journalists, human rights activists, and kidnapping. The experimental version of this app is currently open for Android.

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In spite of the fact that Snowden is a US citizen, after revealing the secret information of the NSA he went to Russia. Currently, he is living in the US as a state shelter. America tried many times to arrest him but failed. Always he was out of America sight. Although he is living in Russia as a refugee, he is still living as the accused. He can not work with freedom. He is currently serving as head of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in Russia. Stand with Snowden and share the article

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