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Rules of Mobile Use For a Good Sleep

Rules of mobile use for good sleep
Rules of mobile use for sleeping well

After all day long going to bed the use of mobile phones creates a serious disruption of sleep. Today’s people everybody recognizes the need for a good sleep after the working hours. Now many people spend eight to nine hours a day in front of a computer. After that time, he again keeps eyes on his mobile phone screen. Thus, constantly viewing at the screen causes serious sleep problems. For better sleep, it is important to know the rules of usage of the smartphone.

Two hours before bedtime

A good sleep much depends on the temperature of the room if it is too hot or cold. Sleep disturbances can occur if the room is too hot or cold. If there is AC in the room to sleep well, it should be adjusted to a comfortable temperature. The ideal room temperature for sleeping is 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. You should avoid tea or coffee before two hours of going to bed to getting good sleep. Light and noise around the house should be turned off. A light yellow bulb can be kept in the room by putting of more bright light. Lighting can be adjusted up to two hours before going to bed.

An hour before sleep

If you have a wireless speaker in the room, you can join it to the smartphone one hour before bedtime and play natural sounds like rain, wind, thunder, etc. You can also play some songs of mild mood before sleeping on YouTube. Listen to any podcast or audio.


Keep the phone far from the bed

You can put your phone in silent mode before going to sleep. You can keep it in the beside room or into the drawer rather than the bedroom. Before going to bed, mobile usage increases stress and sleep comes to delay. Leave usage of a mobile phone at least one hour before going to bed or to get good sleep, your sleep will improve significantly.

Turn off the alarm clock on mobile to get good sleep

After waking up in the morning, stop alarm on mobile. Instead of listening to the ring tone of the mobile, train the body to wake up by seeing the bright natural light. Keep enough light air in the room. Putting an alarm on a mobile phone makes you fearful of losing sleep. Naturally, waking up takes away fear.

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