Pignut Grains Will Reduce Weight Without Labor

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Peoples do many things to reduce weight. Nowadays everyone is interested in keeping the body sticky. Not only is health conscious, beauty consciousness is also one of the reasons. If the health and beauty match the same? That’s possible. In nature have hidden many things, which help us to increase health and beauty. And the only thing is that the Pignut or Chan grain.

Pignut’s scientific name is called Hyptis Suaveolens, also called as Tulsi, in the local language. It is used primarily for health protection. These seeds are consumed in various ways, including the making of vegetables, to get medicinal properties, can be used in powdered form. Especially useful is to reduce the weight of Pignut seeds. The seed reduces the metabolic rate, controls excessive appetite, creates good cholesterol in the blood. So, it is one of the most effective herbal ingredients in keeping the body healthy and attractive due to excess weight loss.

How to make Pignut seeds

– 1 tablespoon of Pignut seeds sunk in a glass of water.
– The small black grains of the seeds will swell throughout the night.
– During the morning time, drink water with swollen Pignut in empty stomach. With 1 teaspoon honey can be added.

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This sherbet of Pignut will keep your metabolism higher throughout the day, so the food will be well digested and the excess calories will not get accumulated. It also controls the appetite and controls the tendency to eat more. Apart from drinking regular Pignut water and leave to eating extra sweet and grilled food, the body will be slim without any effort. Especially the problems of fatty disorders can be left out. Constipation and piles problems will also be relieved.

Apart from weight loss, there are benefits that can be found in the Pignut sherbet:

– In the summer season, the Pignut sherbet keeps the body cool.
– Pignut controls blood sugar, so diabetes is also in control.
– If you are taking regular Pignut sherbet, there is no problem of cold and seasonal fever.
– Pignut keeps the liver good.


– Both pregnant women and children will not eat Pignut without consulting the doctor. It may harmful for them.
– After 7/8 hour sunk in water, eat swollen Pignut. If you eat Pignut before swollen properly, it may cause pain in the abdomen.

Writer: Rumana Baisakhi. Information sources: Living life on medicinal plants – Dr. Shekhar Rai (Bibhas Prakashan, May 2014). Share the article on your social profiles.

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