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Not To Give Knowledge, Some Thoughts About Life!

Not To Give Knowledge, Some Thoughts About Life
Not To Give Knowledge, Some Thoughts About Life - Unsplash

Life is beautiful. Nobody will give you a chance, you have to take the place with your own ability. Therefore, it is necessary to increase your acceptability with qualification.

There are few people in the world that do not get jealous of others’ success. Because among the 18,000 creatures of the world, humans are the only one of the most jealous and best creatures. It’s human instinct.

There have a friend or person, who can dedicate his life to your good wishes. But in fact, when it goes deeper, it can be seen that the end is empty. And when it goes against self-interest to the person, it can be understood that the real face of the person who loves you.

So you have to make your own way, no one will make your way. We should walk on the basis of our own confidence. Because many times it is seen that close relative go far away in danger time. Because ‘misfortune never comes alone.’

Actually, the world is a big learning field. Those who have faced many difficulties from birth have faced various tests in every step of life. They have found true success in life. For the sake of individual interests, there is no humble act of man that he does not do. Which over our imagination.

That is to say, man is such a creature, by which all is possible. Just like the best Ashraful Maakhluqat(best creature) people, it does not take time to become inferior to the worm of hell.

The dream word is a very beautiful word. And the one who can apply this beautiful word is a man. People can see a dream, and a dream can fulfill! And sometimes people can do something bigger than their dreams, which is unimaginable. There are thousands of such examples that can not be said or written down. So if you stay in that position, see the dream. Dreams will inspire you to go forward.

If a street boy does war to survive, he can reach the peak of success. And those who are born with gold spoons, they also need to be dependent on the street boy at some time of life. So do not give up, you have to do hard work to reach your goal silently.

But keep in mind that the path to your walk will be extremely difficult. Nobody will give you an opportunity. Rather they will be made an obstacle, neglected every moment. Do not a breakup. Do not lose confidence in it. When to deal with that situation. Think of it as normal and silently move forward.

Another important thing, time and opportunity do not always come. If there is any chance in life, or because of its own competence, it will have to take this opportunity as a tool to take life forward. However, it must be considered with intelligence.

Because life is one thing, destruction of life and using the opportunity to make life better to moving forward is not the same thing.

People learn through mistake. Who make mistakes and learn from the mistake, if he can apply the knowledge he can make a bright life.

Another sensitive issue is haughtiness. Nobody likes the arrogant person. So everyone keeps a distance from being arrogant. The opportunity seekers can easily knock the arrogant person out of the scope. The arrogant person can not understand it. This is how the arrogant falls.

Be patient and honest. Conquer life with honesty and truthfulness. Do not do any such work. By which you have to lie. Your conscience has to be bitten. Bring the falsehood to zero. And keep anger under control.

And the most important thing is mental peace. In which there is no satisfaction, he never gets peace. Peace is such a thing that is rarely found. Even a wise man can not understand where his peace! But if you looking at the bottom instead of looking top, peace is absolutely there. Look at the person, who is behind you instead of who is forward from you.

Want to see your child as the best, very good. Look back a little bit. Look at them as many children cannot come around your child.

You want to buy a better new brand car, good word. Return a little back, do not have the ability to rickshaw, look at him now.

You do not have a house in the city, it feels so bad, right? But imagine how happy you are, you have a nice bed at the end of the day. But those who do not have a roof over their head, have to spend the night sleeping on the street. Now, look at them.

You want to be the happiest man in the world, very good. Think of this, do not have eyes, which does not know how beautiful the world looks. Think of him.

Now close the eyes …… 1-2-3. Take a breath long. Feel that. Surely you feel so much peace, right?

Let all the animals of the world live in peace and happiness. That’s what everyone hopes for.

Author: Mahbuba Sultana Shiuli
Members, Board of Trustees
Cox’s Bazar International University



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