Life Or Time, What Is Most Valuable

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Life is most important to us. Often we heard a news of road accidents due to dense fog. This year winter is more compare than other years, such as fog also. The accident is happening more in the night. But the movement of the night cannot be stopped. Belal Hossain who is involved in driving over 24 years, said- the possibility of accident can be reduced by taking caution. First he acted as a bus driver. 15 years running a microbus.

Drive by seeing road marker

Belal Hossain said, most of the road accidents in the fog were occur by losing control. For this reason, we should drive to see the marker and the reflectors in the street. Especially do not go outside of white spots. However, if the highways to Chittagong and Sylhet are excluded, this marker is being erased on most streets, neither is it deleted. It’s a big problem.
heavy_foggy_road life

Emergency lights will be kept ON

Emergency and fog lights in the in the car should keep ON, said Belal Hossain. In this case, other drivers in the same street can know about the location of your vehicle. They also get the chance to be alert.

Occasionally take rest

In the habit of instinct, the sleep can come in the night. What to do in that case? Belal Hossain said, ‘we like to break the car after two or three hours, give a flutter of cold water in face, drink tea and coffee. And I eat lot’s of betel while driving during the night. Chewing-gum can be chewed, if it is not practiced of betel. Do not worry, keep a work, so that flagging cannot come.

A safe distance from the front vehicle

When driving in the fog, drive slowly, the vehicle should keep enough far from the front vehicle. So that, front car break, you can get enough space and time to break.
foggy_road life

Special training for the driver

Mohammad Abdus Sattar, the general manager of Green Line Transport, said- “the biggest problem in our country is that the drivers do not have any professional institutional education for training. We employ after a lot of processes, arrange training after recruitment, this isn’t followed by most of the transport owners. In our country, drivers drive in the dense fog saw the roadside trees. It increases the risk of accidents. We have fog lights on the bus. If the fog is too much, parking lights will be parked in Petrolpump. Can not park on the highway”.

The second driver for the remote journey

If the journey is far off, you can take a rest while another driver is there. But this is not the case in our country. Abdus Sattar mentioned that there is no official instruction. He said, ‘we do not have the second driver on other buses. Drivers have also objected to this. Even if they give another driver on the return path, they go in the movement’.

Driver’s wellness

Before the long night’s travel, check the driver’s body is healthy or not, it is necessary to take care of the day. Can not drive when there is light headaches, body pain, tiredness or stomach problems.

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