Your Life Is Worthless If You Do Not Have These Qualities

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Life is short. If you are 22 or 23 years old now, then think about finishing 250 months of life. What should you achieve in this age? Someone received many things, but maybe your bag is empty. No problem, now you can start to arrange your life.

Let’s see which qualifications you must have

1. Passport: A passport is a very important issue at present. In the abroad, it’s more acceptable than NID card (National Identification Card). Nowadays it’s much easier than ever. If not have, then just throw it for yourself. Moreover, it can not be understood when suddenly it can take place.

2. Bank Account: Needless to say that at least one should have a Savings account. Without any hassle. You maybe have no lots of money, but open a bank account.

3. PowerPoint Skills: You have to make a 15-slides presentation and present it in front of 20 people. That mean, you should have little lecturer experience.

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4. TIN Certificate: If you do not earn money, take a TIN number (Tax Identification Number). The certificate’s status is different. Every year if you have 0 tax, then you can submit the return. It will be very helpful for self-satisfaction.

5. Excel Skill: Before asking it anywhere how important it is, learn it. It will take 1 month only. And for the advanced level Google has there. 99% office and corporate institute use the Microsoft Excel and Word.

6. Academic Paper: You have to experience writing at least 30 pages of an academic paper/thesis, it is very important in professional life.

7. Official / Formal Letter: If you do not write a formal or official letter of two pages, you do not have the profits even if you do graduate. Must have to write a letter with good proper language, no regional language.

8. Formal Attire / Etiquette: You should know to make a tie. If a normal people wear coat-tie there have no problem. You can learn how to use cutter-spoon from YouTube videos. It takes only 2 minutes time.

9. Religion: Everybody should have proper knowledge about his own religion. Should have a clear concept of his creator, prophet, history etc. Besides, we should be religious everybody.

10. Geography / History / General Knowledge: Do you know the difference between UK, Great Britain, and England? What does mean Scandinavian or Nordic country? Or how to planes flying in the sky? What do we measure in scales in the market – mass or weight? It is very important to know these.

11. Driving: It is not mandatory that you should have a car. But if you are an intelligent person, you should make a driving license.

12. Swimming: Your life is a total failure if you do not know swimming. Danger can come anytime. So learn swimming.

13. Your own CV: You have completed graduate, but you have any work experience. Do not forget to make a curriculum vitae (CV).

Hope that this information will help you a lot. So try to achieve those qualities to make your life bright. Share the article with your friends and family.

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