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In my life, it was an amazing incident.

Just wake up from sleep. In the faint of the light, I saw a man lying beside to me. Who is this? Touched him with fear, I saw he is senseless. No sound!

The body was cold. After a while, I felt that the gentleman had died. I wonder why this body is here ..? Look back completely like me ..! same as my own face, hands, legs..!
I’m not dreaming ..? No .. really … I screamed for a long time and tried to call everyone.

But what! No one is coming. After seeing this, sister woke up and entered in my room, saying to the dead body- “Hey brother, it is a time of Fajr”, I am very surprised, what is happening? I went to her and said, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? How did the body come to this room? Who is this body?” I saw, he did not listen to my words.

He also surprised to see the body and shouted .. mom-dad. Mom started screaming and saying, “son, what is happened with you? Why you do not talk ..? Talk to me …. please… please…”. Mom understands this and she lost her sense.

All the people started to gather with the voice of screaming, uncle and aunt, cousins. After seeing the body, everyone began to read ‘Inna lillahi wa-inna ilahi raziun’. Everyone burst into tears around. When Muazzin said to my father’s name that the son was dead, then it seemed to me a high voltage shock.

Everyone was busy with the dead-body except me. I can not explain to anyone that I am alive. I think everyone’s crazy. I got angry and push a cousin strongly, but he did not protest at all. After dawn, arrangements were made for the bathe of the dead body. Muazzin took another person to a bath. The two-person started bathing and saying, “Hey .. When does the death come, it can not be said. Who said that such young people will die, He spent many times with us with jokes yesterday evening”. I was standing beside the body, listening to their voices. After putting the clothes, the body was kept on the bed. The black colored clothes were brought from the mosque to cover the body. Everyone was given the opportunity to see the body for the last time. Still, I can’t understand what are happening!!

Lots of people crowd around the house. Relatives, friends and all have come to see the dead body. How many familiar people are crying? But I could not explain to anyone, I did not die, I’m alive, it’s the body of someone else. No one can hear me. Janazah after Zuhr. Azan has become. At the last moment of taking out the body, mother and sister started to cry, screaming!!! 🙁 The relatives also crying. Their crying touching the sky! :O

Aha! Heart-breaking scene! Surprising matter, one day before, I was attacked by a cough for the cold, there was a slight fever, I could not properly pray for a day or two. But today I do not seem to be, I’m completely healthy, and the body seems like cotton. However, the body was taken for the funeral at the Eidgah grounds. Eidgah field was filled with a crowd, there was no space left. After a little talk of my father, Imam started to work for janazah. After the funeral, the body was taken to the graveyard.

There I went and saw a new grave beside my grandpa grave. By burying the body properly, everyone started praying for the forgiveness of the soul. After praying everyone went, but the father was still sitting. Other people have taken him forcibly. At last, it became clear to me that I was not really in this world.

Aha! If I had another chance, then I’ll pray more times, I’ll work for the religion, I’ll donate my properties to the masjid, madrasah … but it did not happen again. After a while, I was going to go to that body. I got back myself completely. What’s on ..! Dark and dark all around, I am very afraid. Maybe a little later Munkinar-Nakir will ask questions, if not, then the punishment will start …

If I lie down and think of the whole incident in the dark room, I think that is going to be one day. Suddenly, I got up from the sleep, every hair stood in my body. This dream will help me change.
This is how every person should remember death every day. Then it is expected that the mind can be stopped from sin and the grave preparation can be done.

Allah, help us. Give guidance.

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