Know The Causes And Remedies Of Stomach Cancer

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Stomach cancer spread in the stomach and decrease body weight. As a result, finally get death. A 60-year-old person often had a stomach ache. When he came to the doctor, he saw his weight decreasing. Signs are not good due to weight loss with a stomach ache. In the endoscopy, the report showed that stomach has cancer. Basically, some bad habits that are responsible for stomach cancer. Smoking, increase the risk of ulcers and stomach cancer.

To survive the stomach cancer, you need to know how to spend an everyday life. Let know from today’s report, what you should do survive from the stomach cancer.
cancer_attacked_people stomach cancer

Causes of stomach cancer

Helicobacter pylori-bacteria is most responsible for this cancer. Infection from these bacteria can sometimes cause cancer. According to the World Health Organization(WHO), it is very strong Carcinogen. Generally, these bacterial infections occur in most of all human body. But infection does not mean it will be cancer. If the infection is a long time, then there is bring some change in the stomach cell that helps to create cancer.

Smoking doubles the probability of cancer of the upper part of the stomach. If someone has gastric surgery or is not treated with ulcerative medicines. Cancer is often seen as a long-term complication of stomach ulcers. There is a possibility of cancer in the stomach if there is anything in the polyps. Even if there is a long-term addiction of Gaza, this cancer can spread in the body.

In the third world countries, it is seen that the Helicopter Pylori-bacterial infections come from the water. When these bacteria arrive in the mouth from the stool, the infection spreads to the body. Those who are very dirty, eat in a dirty plate- this bacteria spread to their body.
cancer_attacked_people2 stomach cancer

Eating habit

Vitamin C, A, E, and Fiber will eat more than the general food. In diet should have more antioxidants (sour fruits, vitamins A).

Smoked foods, very much salted fish can bring the stomach cancer. Nasty foods, street side open foods become poisoned with Nitrate. Which changes the chemical bring in the body that damage body cell and it’s also caused by cancer. Try to avoid red meat. It is very important to keep weight under control. To keep the stomach good, eat fresh foods, green vegetables, low oil spices, low salt, and normal food.

Treatment of stomach cancer

Need to Endoscopy. If you able to catch cancer in proper time and if you do surgery, it’s possible to remove cancer totally. However, it’s almost impossible to cure cancer if you miss to detect it in proper time. The most successful treatment for stomach cancer is the operation. It is possible to completely clean stomach cancer by making surgery and chemotherapy.

Male or female

Most of the time, men affected stomach cancer than a woman. Especially in those who have more than 50 years of age, their risk is high. But not only the elderly, the trend of the cancer is also increasing among young people. Although women are less than the exceptions. Messy lifestyle and dietary habits are the most responsible for stomach cancer. Immediately get rid of acidity or acidity for many years due to the stomach cancer.

In conclusion, if want to stay safe from the stomach cancer, you should follow above rules. You can see the popular post about cancer: Want To Stay Safe From Cancer? Leave This 5 Things. Share the post with your friends and family.

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