Killer Sales Strategies – How To Grow Sales

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Sales profession is very difficult, therefore also have many prizes in this profession. Although difficult, I encourage the young people to start their work in the sales sector. Because this experience will become invaluable in the next life. Incredibly true, my sales experience quite helped me well with both teachers and trainers sector.

10_year_sales_experience sales

See below my real experience in sales strategy:

The job of a sales worker is not easy, rather it’s so hard. Therefore has numerous obstacles in it. However, yes, even though no one is born as a sales worker, anyone can become a successful sales worker. I started my sales profession in the banking sector and I think if there are interest and diligence, then it is possible to learn the selling strategy. From my personal experience, I gave some tips to become a successful salesman.

Sales is number dependable

Always remember that sales are completely statistically. Almost would say, this is an art but just ignore them. A successful sales process is a 100 percent science. Try to understand the behind the science of the sales. As much as go to near the people, the more sales will increase. It is normal that only a few number of people will buy your product from the number of people you go to. Your main objective is to sell it to a few people. 100% people will never be interested in being your customer. It will be seen, about 96 percent of the people or most of all will reject you. But refusal does not mean failure. At least you got acquainted with a new person. Use this relationship in your own ways or in different ways. Look at this matter positively.

introduce_with_customer sales

Build as much as possible relationships

As already mentioned, the sales are a statistic. The amount of your successfully sold product will depend on your relationships. So, as much as possible make relationships, engage with people. Present your product to everyone. Someone will definitely buy your products. The biggest problem for salesmen is not to create a large number of relationships. It is called- not full ‘sales funnel‘. Very soon we will talk about ‘sales funnel’ in another article.

learn_everyday sales

Learn Every day, Every Moment: Try to develop yourself every day

First of all, there is no alternative to reading books. Observe the people around you and try to understand their behavior. This may be in your family life, even in the service life! No matter how different he is from the outside, all the people have some common characteristics and they look clear from a little closer. Learn, learn constantly. Knowledge will be your profession and addiction. Read books and blogs on sales strategies and try to learn from anywhere. Move with experienced salespeople, work with them, monitor their work. Furthermore, create your own learning mentality.

increase_hearing_skill sales

Always work in adverse environment

The new seller often tries to sell their product to known people. This is a big mistake. Because you can learn something new just by going to them whom you do not know or whom around you do not feel comfortable. So as much as possible make relationship with new peoples. As a result, your imbecility will be cut off very quickly and easily and your sales range will increase. Do not hesitate, try to get acquainted with the new people every day. Make it a part of your daily life. You will soon get success and reputation in the sales sector.

try_to_sell_solution sales

Do not try to sell products or services: Sell solution

Most of all sellers fail many times because they try to sell to the customer forcibly. This method will never work. First of all, try to understand the customer’s problems then try to solve the problem of a customer through your product or service. By doing this, the customer will not think of you as selfish or greedy, either they will see you as a friend.

happy_seller sales

Increase your hearing skills

Your most important skill is the hearing skills in the sales profession. There has a large difference between the listening by ears and listening by heart. Do not think both of this is same. You will hear your ears, brain and heart. Take a good look at the customer. Try to feel the customer. Try to understand customer needs and problems. Listen carefully to the customer. Because, when you hear him for a while, you can understand him. Then present your solution to him.

complete_a_sell sales

Complete the sale

Many salespeople do not ask customers to purchase the product. They think that after the conversation, the customer will be motivated to buy. But in most cases- it is not. When you are certain that the customer is interested in your product, ask him. Complete the sale successfully. We will discuss further in the next article about completing the sale.

Hope that this tips will grow your sales, to keep read the website for being a smart people and share the article with your friends especially who is a seller.

Assistant Professor, IBA, Dhaka University

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