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Interview is the first step of a job. In any profession, for the application process, the interview is either ‘broken or non-stick’ part. Your life story or CV can take you to the interview, and it can take you to the job. You need to present yourself to your employer as- you’re the best candidate and nobody isn’t suitable than you for this vacancy. Therefore you need to present yourself smartly.

No matter how smart you are, you must have to be prepared to go to a job interview. It looks like a battleground. Here you have the very good idea of yourself. If there is a mistake, the second chance will not be available. So take some strategies to increase the interview skills.

boy_girl_interivew interview tips

1. Elegant dress

It’s not good to go into an interview room with a casual or formal dress. You have to wear elegant clothes. It is important that you are professionalism and smart. In the company that you have applied for, you should wear elegant clothes matching with the company background. If possible, learn about the company’s dress code before going to the interview.

2. You should indicate your strong presence

Without speaking, first of all, express your strong presence on the employer board. Stand upright and salam the interviewers. Keep eyes in their eyes, then respectfully, handshake with confidence. In this way, it can be a great start without any words. Therefore, it can end soon.

3. Listen carefully

From the beginning of the interview, the questioner can provide you with some information directly or indirectly. If you do not listen to them carefully, you can lose a great opportunity. For good communication, it’s necessary to listen and who is speaking it’s important that- he will understand, he is important to you. Keep attention to the questioner gestures due to get the chance.

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4. Do not talk too much

Talking more than what the questioner wants to know, maybe a serious harm to you. If there is not enough preparation then you can lose mental energy about the employer’s questions. You can also jabber if you become nervous. As a result, the employer will think negative about you. So you will be studying enough for the interview. In addition, you have to prepare some questions before the interview and do practice with a friend or relative. Get a clear idea about the position you have applied for, the experiences for the post, then go there.

5. Do not show laziness

In the job employers board, you should have professionalism. No one here is your friends or relative. So give the answer as to how employer asking. You need to express your confidence, interest, personalities. However, you can ask a relevant question, but keep in mind that it should not be intriguing.

6. Speak in the appropriate language

During the interview, you will have to speak in professional language. Be careful about to choose a word(maybe religion, politics or anything else) should not be embarrassed the questioners. Therefore, it could end immediately.

handshake interview tips

7. Maintain etiquette in interview board

Your behavior plays a big role in moving on the employer board. If you can maintain a good balance between confidence, professionalism, and etiquette on the employer board, you will be able to win. As opposite, super-confident and haughty behavior can ruin your chances.

8. Reply with caution

When the questioner asks for any previous event before your career, he also tries to understand the nature of your behavior. In this case, if you can not answer with a specific example, then you’ll lose to chance to prove your expertness while losing your chance to talk about your own skills. So prepare it in advance, so that you can organize well all of your affairs.

9. Ask questions during interview

As much as necessary to take preparation for your interview questions. Employers are interested in competitors who think one step above from them. So make some appropriate questions for the employers on the board, so that you do not have to worry about sitting in the interview. When the questioner asks, ‘Do you have any questions?‘ Then most of all candidates answer ‘No‘. This is actually wrong. By asking questions, you know therefore the company will be the right place for you.

10. Unsuspected answer

Generally, everyone is familiar with the questions of the interview, so prepare for them. Try to know your contemporaneous questions and answers- “what are your strengths and weaknesses?“, “in the next ten years, where would you like to see yourself?“, “what you can bring in this company that no one can’t do?“, “which part of your career has brought you up to this?” These commonly referred questions are usually done in most interviews.

11. Do not be afraid during interview

The job can be very important to you. But during the interview- ‘please, give me the job‘ don’t say this type words. This will damage your self-confidence. Rather, be slow, steady and determined during the interview. You know that you have the ability to get the job. Let the questioner know that too.

12. To say something wrong

Although these mistakes are difficult to control, most of all people do it. In some cases, people accidentally have misconceptions or misunderstanding, make mistakes or showing little someone. Any such error can throw you out of the chance. So, as far as possible with intelligence and consideration, you have to pay attention to what you are saying.

phone_ringing_during_interview interview tips

13. Switch off your mobile phone

Make sure your phone is closed or in silent mode before entering the interview board-room. It’s nothing more annoying to hear the phone’s ringtone during the interview.

14. Check time

Be careful, not to look into your watch or wall clock during the interview. Before entering board-room, you can close your watch so that your eyes do not accidentally go around it during the interview.

15. Talking about other work offers

If you wish to say what other company offer you, therefore it will be a ridiculous. Rather, it is important to keep separate. They think you’ve already got a job or are working elsewhere. They will not hire someone who already working in elsewhere.

16. False

Although it is common in the job interview that will explain your biographies in detail, it is certainly wrong to provide false information. Honesty is a big quality of an employee and your employer will respect your honesty. If you have not worked anywhere, don’t claim it.

In conclusion, you need to practice a lot. So take help from friends and family. Hope this general tips will help you very much. Don’t share the article to your social media.

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