Is Cancer patients get the corona vaccine

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Corona vaccine recently comes on the market. Our country has started vaccinating against coronavirus. Many questions in the minds of those interested in vaccination. The most hesitant of these are cancer patients and their families. There are some misconceptions about whether cancer patients can get vaccinated. Various international organizations, however, have encouraged cancer patients to be vaccinated, and guidelines have already been developed. Among them are the guidelines issued by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).

  • Patients with all types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer, can be vaccinated at any time during treatment.
  • Patients with blood cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy can be vaccinated if the amount of white blood cells in their blood is right.
  • Cancer patients who need surgery can wait a few days after the surgery to get vaccinated.
  • People who have had a bone marrow transplant or are undergoing cellular therapy can receive the vaccine three months after the transplant or cellular therapy (according to the NCCN) or six months (according to the ESMO).

Corona vaccine side effect

So far, the Covid-19 vaccine is being said to be safe. However, after the vaccination, some people may experience swelling at the injection point of their body, slight fever, nausea, and fatigue, including head and body pain. One in ten people may experience these side effects. However, these are considered to be the method of adapting the vaccine to the body.

Remember, cancer patients have less immunity than others. As a result, they can be infected with a variety of infectious diseases. They are at the highest risk of Corona. Therefore, cancer patients should be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine on a priority basis.

However, it is better to consult the concerned doctor about who and at what stage the patient will be vaccinated. You must provide cancer-related information when filling out the registration form. The vaccination center should also be informed so that action can be taken in case of any problem.

Author: Professor Dr. Kamruzzaman Chowdhury, Managing Director, Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka

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