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Instant Cure Cough-Fever With Ginger-Garlic Soup, How To Make

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The winter is coming and we are affecting by fever, throat pain, asthma, flux, infection etc. due to change the weather. In order to be healthy, there is always the emphasis on Ayurvedic spices. Because, it is low cost and have no any side effect. Instead of, if you use any medicine enriched with the chemical it’s may have a side-effect on your body. The top of the Ayurvedic medicine list is ginger and garlic.

Ginger and garlic used as a spice in curry. It increases the taste of curry. But we can use at effective medicine in the winter season. At this time, our ancestors depended on garlic and ginger for cough-fever. You can also rely on the old methods ginger-garlic soup. Not only for the season, this soup can be eaten all time of the year. So, today I’ll write on the soup, how to you’ll make it and how to you will use it.
spices ginger garlic soup
First of all, we will know the qualities of ginger and garlic.

The quality of garlic

Allicin components in garlic contain antifungal and antibacterial. As a result, garlic can remove any allergic, throat pain, lung infection etc. very quickly.

The quality of ginger

Ginger has been used to cure a cold, fever and stomach problems for many decades. Therefore, by reducing inflammation garlic helps to keep arthritis healthy. In addition, ginger reduces nausea during fever. Also antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antifungal quality remove infections.

What is the need for

Onion: 4 piece (small)
Garlic: 50 grams (powdered)
Onion: 2 cloves
Chicken Stock: 7 cups
Soldier Chili Paper: 1 piece (powdered)

How to make the ginger-garlic soup

First of all- pour onion, garlic, and ginger in a small bowl and put the bowl on fire, take 2 minutes. In the meantime mix stock or broth and keep on light fire until the ginger, garlic, onion are mixing. Spread chili paper on it and after 5 minutes pull down from the fire.

Try with another way

If you do not like much spices, you can spread cinnamon powder instead of chili powder. Furthermore, carrots, bits can be added to make it healthier.

If you want to eat this soup as a meal then mix broccoli, bins, mushrooms or chicken with it. Hope that you’ve liked the methods, you can collect the materials from a grocery shop. We are writing about health, technology, business etc. Keep reading the blog website and be a smart people 🙂 Share the article with your FnF and social media.

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