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If Pneumonia Attack Now, What You’ll Do

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Pneumonia is the lung and respiratory diseases. The disease come out due to transmission and its subsequent inflammation. Infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. Not all cough-cold is pneumonia. When the fever and accompanying cough and dyspnoea, it is believed that only respiratory symptoms have occurred. Pneumonia may also be harmful to life. This pneumonia is one of the reasons for the death of children and older people in winter. The disease can be year-round.

Al-Amin Mridha, the associate professor of child department of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, said that children die every year due to pneumonia. So be careful beforehand. The good news is that children are now being given government vaccinations for pneumonia.

How to understand the child’s dyspnoea?

The breathing rate of children below two months is 60 times in a minute, 50 times or more under one year, and one year to five years of age, 40 times in the minute it is called as an asthma breath. So, if a child with fever-cough is taking breath frequently, then be aware that he is suffering from pneumonia.

Who has the risk of pneumonia?

  • * Younger children and older people
  • * If there is a disease that has long been suffering. Such as diabetes, heart disease, any other lung disease, AIDS etc.
  • * Those who have been reduced disease prevent power like: taking treatment of cancer, taking steroid-medicines etc.
  • * Those who smoke


General pneumonia treatment is possible at home. For this reason, along with proper medicines, you will have plenty of liquid food and take complete rest. Pneumonia can take two to three weeks to be good. During this time, hot water, salt water or red tea can be given with light amount. Normal saline and nasal drop can be given in the nose. No other drug-related drops can be given. Children under two years cannot stop breast-feeding. Should not use oil massage and any type balm on the chest. With a little cough, the use of suction devices cough cleaner or nebulizer device is not good for children unnecessarily.

If the condition is difficult, it is too much breathing, vomiting everything, if the child becomes unconscious or has convulsions then definitely must be taken to the hospital.

What kind of complications can arise?

  • * Bacterial infection in blood flow
  • * Liquid accumulation and transmission around the lungs
  • * Lungs may get damaged by injuries
  • * Severe respiration

Those who play in the winter

Those who play badminton on different sports, especially at night, should be aware of them. Because, if you work hard sweat gets dry again, then it can be cold, flux-cough. From there, pneumonia can occur. The good news is, those who do regular exercise, they usually suffer less from these type of diseases due to their immune system. And if you go out of the house in this severe winter, a face mask can be worn. Then the colder problems will be less.

What is the prevention?

Yes, pneumonia preventable diseases. Being aware can easily be prevented.

  • * Vaccines of other diseases, including pneumonia, should be taken. Especially in the age of 5 years or below 65 years of age or who have less immunity.
  • * Regular hands should be washed. For example: after cleaning the nose, after going to the bathroom, before and after meals.
  • * Smoking must be stopped. Because smoking destroys the ability to prevent lung disease. As a result, the infection can occur easily and pneumonia can occur. Pneumonia of smokers can easily be complex.
  • * Even if it is cold, keep in mind that it will not go bad. Eat healthy food, take moderate rest, have regular exercise, which increases the body’s immune system resistance. After birth, the vaccines of the EPI schedule will be ensured.
  • * It is also important to keep the child away from the stove smoke, mosquito coil and cigarette smoke.

Writer: Dr. Shariful Islam. Share the article on your social profiles.

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