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How you will bring your big dream in real life

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At first, I want to clarify that I’m not a speaker to make your dream success, I’m a preacher. I say what I learn from an established businessman, billionaire, wise man like Brian Tracy, Steve Jobs, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, etc. and try to follow them.

By following their advice I have achieved many things in my life. As a result, alhamdulillah my social position is higher than all of my friends. And I say only those sentences, which changed my life. I don’t say all sentences what I’ve learned. So if you listen and believe (belief means start to follow) what I’m saying, you will be able to make a good position than other peoples around you. You’ll get wealth, honor and prosperity if you continue it.

How to you will work to make your dream success

By the way, today’s topic was – how to you can reach your dream. So at first, you should have a big dream. If you imagine a small dream that like you want to lead a life as a middle-class person, you no need to read the passage. You can quit now.

Suppose you want to get a good job in Germany on an IT agency, your designation will be a web programmer. Their salary is a minimum of 5 lakh taka per month in Bangladesh. I’m mentioning the issue because recently a Bengali guy has done it and it’s not so tough.

So first, you need to learn web programming. You will take 1 year to acquire your skills. 8 months you will learn web programming. You have to study daily 14 hours to become a good web programmer in 8 months. Here have many topics you have to learn within the time.

Last 4 months you’ll spend time to make a portfolio. Get prepare myself for the interview, make an online resume in LinkedIn and apply in multiple IT agencies. For getting world popular IT agencies to address you can visit StackOverFlow/Jobs site.

It may hard for you. But I always like the hard way. Because it’s easy to get success in a hard way.

Come to the next point:

You may have any dream or target. Without a target, you will never reach to the goal. You may run fast, but if you don’t know your destination, it’s valueless, you will never reach your goal. So at first fix a target.

Then make a list of what you need to do reach in your target. Write down on the list that may help you. What distract you from your goal, leaves that. Which people may help you, connect with them. Try to make a community with the same thinker people. Try to join seminars that are related to your dream.

Now from the list which is the most important, start work on it. Always keep in mind that people/friends are the killers of time. At present social media like FB is also a time killer. So control it as much as possible.

You must write the task list on paper. Never memorize it. Hang it on the wall and try to read the list before going to sleep every night. When you will forget the next step, see the list. A set time limit for every task is very important. Suppose if you take a week to complete a task, try to complete it within 5 days. Next 2 days you will get time to revise or improve it

Summary of the passage: set a target. Create lists that you need to do reach to the goal. Work on the list and complete one by one. If you are tired, take rest but never lose hope and keep continue to work- at last, you will reach in your target and your dream will come to true.

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