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How To You Can Grow Your Weight

Grow Weight
How To Grow Weight

When the weight is increasing, almost everybody is complaining about why the weight is not growing, even the accusations are heard from one or the other. Many people have no enough weight for their age and height. It is also difficult to find solutions to such problems.

Chief Nutritionist Shamsunnahar Nahid of Dhaka’s Bardem General Hospital said there are few reasons to keep the weight down. Hormonal imbalance is the main fact. It is also seen that many people have little hesitation in eating food. It may be seen that he did not eat in the morning, then played once in four in the afternoon. But then due to the acid due to the discomfort playing. So if there is any problem then it is necessary to treat it as well.

Only food can’t increase weight. Also, need good sleep. If you feel tensions or feeling pressure your body will break. So keep far from tension, depression etc.

To increase or decrease the weight, first to stop eating oily/outside food. If someone likes to eat ‘junk food’, then he will eat at home. In addition, to increase weight, several types of pulses can be cooked together. Cooking at home can be used in polao, biriyani, hotchpotch, and teheri. But if anyone does not like to eat rice, then he can eat luchi or paraota made with multi-grain flour. To increase weight, eat foods that contain sugar, meat and fat. It is important to know how many calories can be taken according to the body structure. He has to take more calories than that. That means, if you have less nutrition, then you have to eat it accordingly.

Vegetables do not cook, play with fried bread, and do not boil the eggs and the weight of the portion will increase. Halim, pudding, cake- the weight will increase. Remember, to increase the weight, you have to eat in time. You will have to eat plenty. At one time you will have to eat many times without eating. If there is a disorder in food or acidity, it will be left to eat. Meals made with sweet foods and oil help to increase the weight. And remember, it can never be eaten for more than three hours.

It is also important to drink plenty of water. When my age was 18/20 years, I was 60 KG weight. But when I start to drink a lot of water and keep far from tension – after 3 years my weight increased to 80 KG. It’s far from my height and age. An adult person will have to drink 4/5 liters of water a day. In order to increase weight, remember that too much can’t be increased. In that case, it is important to talk to a good nutritionist.

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