How To You Can Get Longevity

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Longevity is expected by everybody except frustrated people. People try in many ways how to they can live some more days on the beautiful earth. Everybody we want longevity. So here giving you 6 advice from Dr. Shigayaki Hinohara how to you can achieve longevity. He was lived on the earth 105 years. His longevity formula is now so much popular.

First Tip: Retire from work as late as possible. The Japanese doctor himself was active in his career only a few weeks before his death. His advice is very effective. Generally, we see that anility comes fast after retiring from work. There are many diseases that appear after retiring from the job. Keep work stopping old age.

Second Tip: Be careful about weight. Eat one time a day. In dinner emphasis on fish and vegetables. The meat must be eaten. But not more than twice a week. He insisted on eating olive oil. Olive oil works well to keep body skin and veins good. We know longevity is related to good health.

Third Tip: Spend time in joy. Under the pressure of additional rules, the body is tired. Despite the irregularities of the childhood, the body does not get sick. Why? Because there is no stress. He suggested that he should not be tired of sleeping or doing nothing. Joy is a good thing for longevity.

Fourth Tip: What you know announce to other. He believed that we came to the world to make some contribution to this civilization, to help people. He plans for today, tomorrow, even after five years. He believed that your life is valueless if you have no contribution to the world.

Fifth tip: Do not worry about material wealth. It’s against of longevity. It is important to do good work for happy life. They believed that the body and mind were better in spiritual thinking than material thought. Money-wealth keeps us in more stress. It’s so urgent to be happy with fewer things. He has always said to keep this in mind that- at the last address, nothing will go along with it. Mental pressure is a strong prevent longevity.

Sixth tip: Use the stairs. Hinohara uses two-stage stairs daily so that his muscles are fine. He emphasized on reducing mechanics in daily activities for physical exercise. Like manual labor. Don’t believe doctor’s advice blindly. Doctors can not give life, a doctor can’t give you longevity. He was against unnecessary surgery.

By following the above rules now Japan is the icon of longevity all over the world. So we should try for longevity from childhood. If we start after 30 years old, we’ll not get a good result.

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