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How To Prevent The Bone Erosion Disease

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Osteoporosis, or bone erosion, is a disease that reduces bone density to a certain degree, causing bones to become weak and fragile. The bone obtains satiety in 20 to 35 years of age, and after 40 years the bone lost its calcium and phosphate. As a result, the bones start to change, they become weak and fragile.

At the age of 50, 15 percent and 70-80 years of age, 30 percent of the woman’s hip bone or waist bone were broken.

What is osteoporosis or bone erosion?

The internal density of the bones is an ongoing process. Bone growth has stopped at the age of 16-18 years, but the density of the bone gradually increases since 20 years of age. By the age of 35, the bone formation and decay continue at the same pace. After 40 years of age, bone loss level has increased slightly with the increase in a natural way. So a bone loss at a certain age is a normal process. When the bone erosion becomes continue the bone become soft and fragile, the condition is called osteoporosis.

Let us know what to do the bone loss of disease can be avoided?

Struggling to relax

There has a deep relation between mental distress and bone erosion. Because of the stress, a cortisol hormone emitting from the body; which is responsible for bone erosion. It is better to keep the mental pressure as far as possible.

Due to lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for bone disorders. If there is a lack of vitamin D in the body, it is not possible to remain free of bone problems after eating rich calcium. Therefore, to avoid bone problems and decay, vitamin D needs to be filled with its food requirements such as fish, fish oil, milk, soy milk, and fruits. If we supply enough Vitamin D then we can avoid the bone erosion.

Nutritious food

For the strong bone, the diet must certainly contain calcium-rich foods. Eat low-fat milk and dairy products. Milk, eggs, tropical almonds, calcium-rich sea fish, green vegetables, broccoli, should be kept in abundance on the food list. The bones will be strong in it.

Smoking and drinking will be excluded

Due to smoking, bone erosion continued to grow. Therefore, to avoid this, smoking and drinking will be excluded.

Physical labor

If you work on the desk at stretch, it increases your body’s bone fragility. Those who do physical work harder every day are less likely to stop bone erosion or not. Those who do not work at all, their bones become relatively soft and weak quickly. Physical exercises, sport, dance, bicycling, swimming etc. is good physical work. They help to protect bone erosion.

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