How To Pray To Allah

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Prayer is common for every religion. Every religion has different rules and regulations for praying. This post only for the Muslim nation, who believe in Allah and Mohammad(SM). Here I’ve used some common Arabic word like as- durudh, salat, haram etc. I think every Muslim know the meaning of those words. So, if you unable to understand anything please write a comment below.
mosque2 how to pray
In the praying have some rules, if you follow it and if you’ve deep believed in Allah hope that Allah will accept it. So let’s know about those rules how to pray.

Who is more acceptable to pray

1. Parents’ prayers for the child
2. Majlum (who struggling against injustice)
3. Traveller (who travels for acquiring knowledge or preaching Islam)

Which prayer time more acceptable

1. Last night after Tahajjud salat
2. The middle period between Azan and Iqamat
3. After every obligatory prayer (ie, four rakahs of Johar after the obligatory)
4. Rainy time

Which cases prayers can be made

There is no such thing in the world that can’t be asked to Allah. Anything that you want, you can ask Allah. It is said- even if your shoelace cut off, you can also tell it to Allah. Just imagine, you need to borrow some money. For borrowing money you are going to a friend. It has been said that- before asking anybody on the world, at first ask Allah. Before going to a friend, first of all- pray to Allah and said in pray that you need money. Then go to the friend.
quran how to pray

Reasons for not accepting payers

There is some sin that is present in the man or the man still doing any illegal activities, then it creates an obstacle to accepting prayer. So be aware of the sin if someone wants that his prayer will be guaranteed.

1. Illegal food, forbidden drinks, and haram clothes:
If someone is eating haram food or buying with illegal money, then Allah does not accept his prayer. The Prophet said- “Hey mankind, Allah is holy, He does not accept anything except the holy things. He has given the orders to emandar and same order for Rasools- “O Messenger of Allah, eat of the good things and do good deeds, I am well aware of what you do.”

And Allah said (to the believers)- “Eat of the good things which I have given you”.
After saying this, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said about a person, who made a long travel and the hair was messy also his foot was covered with dust. Then he lifted his hand towards the sky and said, O Allah! O, Allah!. But his food was haram, he was bought clothes from illegal money, his body made with haram food, how will his prayer become accepted?” [Sahih Muslim].

2. Order of good deeds and prohibition of evil deeds:
If the people do not invite others people toward to do good deeds or refrain from doing bad deeds, ie, if they neglect the invitation and doctrine, their prayer Almighty Allah does not accept. Rather Allah like this person who called people toward to Allah.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “You must command for the good deeds and forbid from wrong-doing. Otherwise, Allah will send down punishment to you, then you will pray, but Allah will not accept it.” [Tirmidhi– Shaykh Albani said that- this hadith is right].

3. Hurry-up to pray:
After doing some prayer many people have been hasty or upset if they are delayed from accepting the prayer according to some particular wisdom of Allah. They started to complain- I’ve prayed many times why Allah does not accept my prayer… Allah does not listen to us (Nayzubahillah).

Then really Allah does not accept his prayer, instead, give him punishment for saying these words. Therefore, you have to be patient. It should be remembered that Zakaria(A) had prayer many years, he has waited many times and after his prayer was accepted, he wanted a son in an old age. He was the Prophet of Allah, and we must not be better than him. Therefore, need to keep hope on Allah and we have to prayer until death with belief.

The Prophet said

“The Muslim’s prayer is always accepted if he does not talk about the separation of kinship or doing sin in prayer and he does not hasten.” Then someone asked- what is the meaning of hastening? He said- “I am praying, I am praying but I do not see to accept it, so he gets depressed and tired leaving to praying.” [Sahih Muslim]

Who hurry-up, Allah dislike him. Allah said- “…but a man like a rush.” [Al-Israah: 11]. But it is not forbidden to say that- O Allah, give it to me very quickly. Fasting in prayer means- why my prayer isn’t accepting, this kind of thinking and leave it.
mosque how to pray

How to pray

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said – indifferent heart prayer is not accepted. Therefore, praying must be done intensely, with fully concentrate. To be bowed down to Allah. You have to surrender completely to Allah.

Read durudh 5/7 times before starting the prayer. Then toward to the west and pray. After the prayer again read durudh few more times and send for the Prophet(peace be upon him). Therefore, in one day Allah will not give you all. Need to pray again and again. You have to cry. Suppose – two beggars come to you. One is crying and another is standing, both want money. You only have a five dollar note. Which begar you’ll donate? Definitely, who is crying. In the same way, you will not find anything to Allah without crying. Many people want a lot of things to Allah, but Allah does not give them all. Allah give him who can cry 🙂

Last night is the most appropriate time to accept the prayer. At this time, Allah came down from the seventh heaven to the fourth heaven. Talking to the people of the world- tell me what you need. I’ll give it now. If I give everybody of the world the same wealth of seven worldly things, even then the grains of my mercy will not be less than the amount of grain. Then, before the start of Fajr, Allah went to the seventh heaven.

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