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How To Make Career In Graphics Design – Full Guideline

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Graphics Design is a popular career at present. At the same time, this work is fun and creative. If you have a creativity and want to work independently, then you can work as a freelance graphic designer. The demand for a professional graphic designer is very high due to the wide range of local and foreign workplace. To work outsourcing or product-based graphics design, you need to learn the work of international quality graphics. If you want to set yourself as an international standard designer, you will have to go a long way, to know that the new art tactics.

graphics_designer_working graphics design

What is the Graphics Design?

Simply, graphics design is a process by which any information or picture is presented in an artistic way. A designer can easily influence the user through his work and can send information to a brief and aesthetic way.

What you need to know

You do not have to be a graduate to be a graphic designer, but having good skills in English can do a lot better. Need to learn English for contacting with a buyer and learn from the internet. Apart from this, to know how to operate a computer, there must be an idea about basic computing. It is very good to have an internet connection; Then you can get help from online anytime. Design work requires image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc. If you have a mind that is creative, if you like to draw, then it is certainly a plus point.

graphics_design_job graphics design

The field of graphic designers

There is no alternative to attractive design options for any product or service promotion. So the designer has to work on the issues of man’s age, behavior, profession, demand etc. As already mentioned, the working area of the graphics designers is wide. All kinds of graphics design jobs are available in online marketplaces. But the work that is particularly high is given below
1. Logo Design
2. Visiting Card Design
3. Website PSD Template Design
4. Book Cover Design
6. T-shirt designs
7. Posted in Card Design
8. Advertising Design
9. Icon Design
10. Digital Image Processing
11. Brochure Design
12. There are many more jobs available including mobile app/UI design etc.

logos graphics design

Logo Design

The logo is a company’s identity or brand. The company or brand can be easily identified by the logo. The world’s renowned brands Apple, Samsung, Google or Facebook our country brand GrameenPhone, ProthomAlo, Pran can be recognized only by seeing their logo. A standard logo created by a standard graphics designer. Not only the symbol, coloring with the logo plays a role in branding. The logos are needed in local business as well, and online is also a matter of great demand.

Web Design

It does not say how much of the website’s needs and requirements are in this era of the modern online world. Many people today want to create social institutions or even personal websites or educational institution website. And the website is very useful for business purposes. The role of a graphic designer for website design is very important. Apart from working on creating beautiful buttons, creating price-tables, creating banners, image editing, creating icons, creating a complete website architecture are made by a graphic designer.

brochure_design graphics design

Flyer or brochure design

Many companies design flyer or brochure for their services to be displayed in front of buyers. Many of these graphics work is available in the marketplace. The marketplace offers a lot of flyer or brochure design for their buyers.

visiting_card graphics design

Creating a Visiting Card

The importance of the Visiting Card for Direct Marketing or Branding is high. Visiting cards are a popular medium for increasing the identity of both individuals and organizations. Due to the little size of the visiting card, need to apply the maximum creativity here to focus the person or a company. Visiting card is one of the areas of graphic design. Not only in the local market, but you can also earn the same from international market by designing visiting card.

create_ad_in_graphics_design graphics design

Create ads

Advertising is the most important medium for promotion of products. Short but informative, aesthetic and recreational advertiser can easily attract customers’ attention. Whether a graphic designer can create an advertisement based on creativity and skill. There are also different media for advertising. Online, print or electronic media, where there is a need for a graphic designer to have all the skills to be promoted. You can start your career after learning one of this, but if you can learn a few things, then more you can get your work done.

Where to get job

– Freelance Marketplace
– Advertising Builder Institution
– Magazines/publications organizations
– Online Market Place
– Printing and Designing Institution
– Web development organization
– Graphics Outsourcing Work Website

Graphics Contest: There are some websites, where everyone participates in the competition through design submissions according to the client’s demand, and who winner, he gets the prescribed amount of the competition. These types of competing sites are:,

There are some sites that sell designs, where you can upload various items you create and earn them by selling. Ex-,,

Bid work: There are some sites, where bids can be worked on the client’s job. Such as:,,,

Other: Apart from the above mentioned sites, there are many other sites where there are plenty of graphics available. Among them are:

The things you need to be careful about

– Definitely, learn to work properly
– Trying to do something manually (creativity)
– Keep yourself up to date
– Follow the work of established designers
– Create sample template/portfolio of work
– Make your own marketing


How to learn graphics design

You can learn graphic designs in three way. You can learn from the tutorials on the Internet or from expert freelance graphic designers or form a good training center.

1. Watch the Tutorial on the Internet: For example, if you learn Photoshop, then search the Google “Photoshop tutorial” “Photoshop video tutorial” you will see many tutorials. You can learn from there but the problem is that you will not get the tutorial all the time, or you will not solve any problem, which is a big problem for the beginner. To learn video tutorials from the internet, you need to be smart. Must have expertise in Google search. Must have the ability to quickly solve a problem. Many people can be freelance graphic designers by learning from the internet.
2. Learn from an expert graphic designer: This is the best way to learn graphic design who is working in the marketplace (,, or the product marketplace ( You can learn fast in this way.Before learn from him you can see his marketplace profile. However, there is a small problem that the newcomers do not know who is a good designer. In most cases, a designer can not make a measurement. In addition, most of the freelance graphic designers work into his own home, so it’s difficult to find out them.
2. From a good organization: Graphic design can be learned from a good organization, but the problem is that 90% of the organizations in Bangladesh do not have a good trainer and they cheat with students. But there are some good training institutions in the country. Here are a few steps you can follow to pick a good organization –
A. Check out their information on the website of Fraud, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. A good organization must have an informative website.
B. Find out the founders and managers of the organization, see if they are the best IT expert or not.
C. Collect information about the trainer, check he is working in the marketplace or have good design experience.
D. Try to know the ex-student of the organization.

Now, who is still thinking what he’ll do, leave all hesitation, start to learn graphics design from the day. The local and international market is waiting for you.

Writer: Sadiq Ahmad

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Web Developer & Front-end Expert

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