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How To Know A Girl Age With Some Tricky Methods

How to know a girl age
How to know a girl age

Boys salary and girls age – should not ask anymore 😛 There are many people among us who want to keep hide their original age from others. This trend is particularly high among women. If you are a little tactical, you can easily get to know the real age of any woman. Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

How to know a girl age

1. At the time of gossip with her, you when she passed SSC(School Secondary Certificate) exam. Generally, we pass SSC exam at the age of 17 years old. You can ask also, she failed in any class or not. After that, calculate the fail year, passing year or anything. Then the real age will come out.

2. Ask the girl, when her parents wedding anniversary. How many sisters-brothers she has. Generally, marriage a couple after 2/3 years born their first child. Then guess the hidden ages. You may need more information to know the exact age, so be careful about asking her family information. Many girls do not share her family information.

3. Talk about any such work, so that you can talk about his national identity (NID) card. And then you can ask to see it and where from you can see her original birth date.

4. When girls go to a doctor, go with her. Nobody girls hide age to the doctor. As a result, you know the real age. Everybody wants to cure of disease. So they will not tell wrong age to the doctor.

5. Nowadays most of the girls searching jobs. They want to make the career or become self-dependence. You can offer her- “have a good job for her“. Then she will give you her bio-data and easy to know the real age.

6. When you see a woman about 30 years old, you can tell her- “You do not seem to see you have been reached 35 years old“. Any girls do not want to show her as an aged girl. So then she will tell you real age.

7. You can take help from her friends. Maybe he/she will tell her exact age.

Hope that above tricks will work for you 🙂 Share the post with your friends.



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