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How To Control Mental Stress In The Interview Board

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There is no alternative to verbal interviews along with a written test to prove your qualification to get the expected job. But if the written test is good enough to control the pressure and stress of the interview board take another candidate. Many candidates go to the interview board and feel stress, for the anxiety they forget an easy answer to a question. But a recent study says that by utilizing this emotional pressure you can get your best results out in the place of interview board.

Make it easy to understand imagine your boss has given you the assignment to complete the entire month. You forgot about working after the first 4/5 days. On the day before the deadline, if your boss gives the reminder about it for any reason, you will work at whatever speed. If the regular work at that pace could have ended the entire assignment in 10 days. So by controlling the stress and excitement, anyone can move forward towards achieving its goals.

Emotional stress and tension should be controlled

According to researchers who are working on the effects of stress on common man’s efficiency, the three-step mental stress can be used in your favor in any case.

First step: accept mental pressure
Under any circumstances, you have to accept the stress caused by you. By accepting it the pressure will basically create an environment in your favor. Again think about the first example, eighty percent of your boss’s work completed. There is one day in hand. In this situation for using your emotional tension, you should first accept that you are lagging behind. However, this work is not easy as I say. In the most cases, in such situations, many people can not move on to the task of fearing possible failure.

This can happen in the interview board after unable answer the first two or three difficult questions. Studies have shown that at that moment people easily lose control over themselves. According to neuroscientist Matt Lieberman, if you do not want to accept defeat by the unconscious mind, then it is better to accept the pressure at first. Remember the popular Hindi movie ‘Three Idiots’. Where in all the situations of life you are inspired to say “All is well”. Because of this habit, the feelings and anxieties of the unconscious mind are expressed in languages. As a result of which any difficult situation arises, the chances of the emotional flow of negative pressure are very small.

Under any circumstances emotional pressure must be accepted

Step 2: Take the restriction yourself
Suppose, if your goal is to dominate the summit of the Everest. And the obstacles that come in the way of obstructing it will have to be cross. You have to love all challenging moments to complete a big task. So in order to win the Everest, in front of every challenge you face, you need to prove how much you love challenging to take the challenge. Think of how much you love that work as you face every obstacle in everyday life. During the training of US commando forces Navy Seal, they were gradually being taken into such a variety of stress. But they are urged to love their work even in such stressful situations. The obstacle will come in every challenge, but who loves his work, it’s so simple to cross the obstacles.

To cross restraints, you have to love the work

Step 3: Apply stress
Suppose, you have entered into a deep forest. Tiger and you are face-to-face. You will have to run to save your lives. If you run at the Olympic Games at the speed of the given race, then you will see the gold medal in your hands. So according to the scientists, stress or anxiety has given us many benefits to survival in the adverse environment of our predatory ancestors. When we face any stress or danger, adrenaline and dopamine are released from the brain. As a result, oxygen-rich blood flow increased in the body. This can temporarily increase body efficiently and concentrate on our work.

Many of us in the interview boards fell emotionally under pressure

But when they get excited, many people become restless, so it is almost impossible to get attention to a specific task. So if you want to use this stimulating situation for a stress or anxiety situation positively, you need practice more. To bring stress under its control, it has to be practiced for a long time. Detect which tasks can reduce your anxiety. Someone try to chew chewing gum, listening to mild chanting, or remembering your happiest time in a very good result.

Need more practice

And the next time if you become so stressed in front of the interview board then pay attention to your goals. Accept that you are under pressure. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself about your goals. Set goals. Pay attention to that goal. Find out the habit that can control your stress or anxiety.


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